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Gross Hematuria - past UTIs

1 year 5 months ago #57540 by murpcsm49
Should I ensure that I get the report to ensure they did the urine cytology like they said they did?

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1 year 5 months ago #57539 by sara.anne
Welcome!! I can understand why you are worried....anyone would be!

First, there are many many reasons for urinary blood and most of them have nothing to do with bladder cancer. I assume that since you mentioned "another cystoscopy" that you have had one, plus a CT-urogram, plus urine cytology. Those are the procedures and tests that any good urologist would do in a case like yours. The fact that you are on a blood-thinner could also be contributing.

A word about urine cytology...it is very non-specific and is notorious for resulting in false positives, meaning that it shows a problem when there is none. This is the nature of the tests, not due to any incompetence on the part of the VA.

You have had all the tests currently considered the standard for checking for bladder cancer. Yes, it can be highly treatable when found early but it appears that no sign of it was found. You should report any symptoms that you continue to have to your doctors and they should continue to look for a cause other than bladder cancer.

Sara Anne

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1 year 5 months ago #57538 by murpcsm49
I have gross hematuria and high proteins in my urine with high red blood cell count.

I am a veteran and my only health choice is the VA.

I had last November a CT Urogram - no cancer, local non VA company

I had a Cytology done by the VA within the last week, no lesions, no tumors, but my prostate was red the doctor said.

He called to tell me that the urine cytology result was negative, but I have no reports that I can find when looking up my records with the VA in MyHealtheVet regarding this result.

Should I trust the VA in regards to the urine cytology results. I have read not always are these accurate?

Is there any test that I can do other than another Cystoscopy to detect bladder cancer? i.e. new methods

Should I go in and do another one in a few months and pay a local provider to do this, not sure what the cost will be and for the labs? Next year I am going on my wife's insurance to eliminate the need to go to the VA.

I am also on blood thinner Eliquis which the doctor said that may be the cause of my prostate being red, possibly where my hematuria is coming from.

I also had a prostate exam nothing wrong with it according to the doctor.

I am worried that the VA may have missed it, since after 1 week I still feel a sensation in my penis near the head of it.

I am married and I have never cheated on my wife and vice versa, so I know it is not a STD.

I am on antibiotics for a possible UTI, taking Bactrim for 7 days.

I have read if you catch bladder cancer early enough they possibly can remove it, true or not?


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