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BCG precautions - not understanding

1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 5 months ago #57450 by Lapecheronza
Ma no, farà bene suo marito a usare tutte le cautele raccomandate che sono doverose ma non si preoccupi ulteriormente, perchè, a parte che si tratta di batteri depontenziati, difficilmente potrebbe trasmettersi a persone se non ferite, e al massimo potrebbe causare problemi dermatologici.Se suo marito urina seduto difficilmente potrà schizzare fuori, a maggior ragione essendo consapevole della raccomandazione medica e di essere controllato da lei, che peraltro è in gravidanza vedrà che starà molto attento.Stia tranquilla che non accadrà nulla di quello che pensa. Si raccomandi che lui si lavi bene mani e genitali ogni volta che urina e vedrà che tutto si risolverà per il meglio .
È solo la mia opinione. saluti Antonio


But no, it will be good for your husband to use all the recommended precautions that are necessary but do not worry further, because, apart from that they are depontentional bacteria, could hardly be transmitted to people if not injured, and at most could cause dermatological problems If your husband urine sitting will hardly be able to spurt out, even more so being aware of the medical recommendation and be controlled by you, who is also pregnant will see that you will be very careful. Recommend that he wash his hands and genitals well every time he urinates and he will see that everything will be resolved for the best.

It's just my opinion. greetings Antonio

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1 year 5 months ago #57449 by sbc424
Thank you for this warm and comforting response!

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1 year 5 months ago #57448 by sara.anne
Since BCG is a live bacterial preparation, they urge caution with its use. You are urged to pee sitting down and than pour bleach in the toilet and let it sit a bit before flushing. Use common sense, like washing your hands, etc.
A side note: buy a big size of the cheapest generic bleach at the store!!

When BCG has been used for children, it is as a vaccination....not a solution. I would just keep the toddler out of the bathroom for a day. They will be fine. As I said, just use common sense. A drop of urine would not be the end of the world!!

Sara Anne

PS Toddlers and bathrooms are dangerous. When I was a toddler I flushed my teddy bear down the toilet. Up until the day he died at age 89 my father never let me forget the mess and the cost!!

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1 year 5 months ago #57447 by sbc424
Hi everyone,

My husband has TURBT and BCG tomorrow for stage 0is. Please wish us luck!

I'm a bit confused around the precautions for BCG. Specifically:
- After urinating sitting down and pouring bleach, what if some small amount of urine splashed somewhere and we didn't see it? Can the live bacteria survive on surfaces and be infective for awhile? The doctor didn't really answer this for us.
- I am pregnant and also have a 15 month old. I'm confused how babies can receive BCG vaccines but precautions need to be taken around small amounts of urine being splashed. Why is this dangerous but receiving the vaccine isn't?

I really appreciate any wisdom you might be able to offer. I'm grateful to have found this community.

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