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Posting for my dad

1 year 10 months ago #57021 by epdp89
Thank you, Sara.

I appreciate your response and I will certainly keep you in the loop. His next visit with the Urologist is March 27th (quite some time away!) and I did not realize how long pathology takes. With that said, my girlfriend is an NP at NYU Langone and secured him an appointment with a Uro Oncologist specialist (https://nyulangone.org/doctors/1538328810/james-s-wysock) that is very difficult to get an appointment with normally. With that said, it's next week on March 13th and we may or may not have results back at that time but I will still go with him and bring all the surgical notes and medical records. I just want to get a second set of eyes on this. Hopefully the existing Uro doesn't get upset about his premature visit to the Uro Onc Dr. Thanks again. I will keep you posted.

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1 year 10 months ago #57013 by sara.anne
"Atipia" is just a fancy medical term for "abnormal." This doesn't necessarily mean cancer, as abnormal cells can show up if there is irritation or infections for example. However their presence as well as the finding of a mass in the bladder definitely means that a TURB is indicated and it appears that your dad has had this.

You really will not know what is going on until the pathology report from the TURB comes back. After the results are back your father (hopefully with you accompanying him) should have a long discussion with the urologist to discuss the meaning of the results and his plan going forward. At that point your father can decide if he feels that a second opinion is warranted. A second opinion is a good idea if you have questions that are not being addressed by your doctor or there are several options for treatment. Usually cases of non-invasive bladder cancer are handled by urologists and oncologists are involved only if the cancer has spread out of the bladder.

Non-invasive bladder cancer can be successfully treated!

Please let us know what the path report says and what the urologist recommends.

Sara Anne

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1 year 10 months ago - 1 year 10 months ago #57009 by epdp89
Hi Everyone – I stumbled upon this forum after Googling the odds the a bladder tumor being cancerous. I need some input while I wait for pathology. My dad is a 65 y/o with a history of BPH. He saw a hack job Urologist for many years and then switched. His new Urologist passed away and then he started seeing another Urologist within the same practice. The new Dr. somehow identified something in his bladder during the course of his BPH treatment. He did a scope and confirmed a mass, took a biopsy, and the cells came back from the Pathologist (according to him) as having "atipia" cells. Does this mean it's cancerous? Today, he had an in-office turbt to remove the mass and I am assuming it'll go to pathology for testing. He has a follow up appointment in two weeks. Is the course of treatment he's having normal? Are bladder tumors usually cancerous? What does "atipia" mean in the bladder? Finally, would it be best he seek a uro-oncologist for a second opinion? He has no symptoms (bleeding, etc) in the urine. I probed the nurse today for mass size, visuals, etc but she said we won't be able to tell. He feels fine.

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