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1 year 6 months ago #56997 by sara.anne
A seven day wait for a cystoscopy is very unusual Most people have to wait for a month or more so you are very fortunate IF you have bladder cancer it has probably been there for quite a while so you have time to get medical opinions and make whatever decisions might be necessary. However there are hundreds of reasons for urinary blood and most of them are not bladder cancer In fact in many cases of causes never found

It is easy for me to say and hard for you to do but the only thing for the next week is to relax and wait until you have the doctor’s opinion

Sara Ann

Diagnosis 2-08 Small papillary TCC; CIS
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1 year 6 months ago #56996 by Kmc1973
Going in for a cytoscopy next week... this whole process is freaking me out. About a month/month and a half ago I woke up with a strong urgency to urinate and pain in my right side for two days... went to Urgent care, they put me on Cipro for 10 days... said there was microscopic blood, but everything else on the urinalysis was fine... went to my primary physician a week later, he took me off Cipro, tests showed no infections, no blood, etc.... went to see a urologist, symptoms much better... but still a slight urgency after drinking liquids and occasionally a slight burning sensation, also when urinating it starts off at an angle. Urologist said to give it a week. Came back and did another test, microscopic blood. But then for the first time later that night, gross hematuria without pain, I didn't check for a stone or anything. Checked again this week and no blood in urine. Also had a cytology which came back negative for cancer cells. Urologist scheduled a cystoscopy for 7 days from now. Never dealt with anything like this so wondering if I should schedule something earlier, the urologist doesn't seem concerned but I'm worried leaving it for another week will be a life and death thing because I'm freaked out and I have no idea if something can grow enough in a week that it'll be too late or something... ugh. Just looking for a little bit of common knowledge.

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