Exposure via intercourse

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Exposure via intercourse was created by Pattipatti
Hello. My husband has just completed 6 weeks of bcg. On Jan 27 we were intimate (unprotected) barely 48 hrs after treatment. To begin, I did not know the precautions and he told me there were no issues with it. Afterwards I found out differently! Left message for my PCP (who did not respond).
Went to VA with hubby on feb 1st to speak with nurse; suggested I seek my PCP. (Ps that day I also started a UTI). Changeover of pcp, old one wouldn’t get back to me, saw new pcp feb 13th. She consulted a urologist, they felt I should see an infectious Disease specialist-who cannot see me unless I have a diagnosis or proof of exposure! PCP recommended contacting hubbys urologist at VA and product manufacturer. VA urologist left message maybe tb test is in order. Merck is closed for holiday weekend. I have deficient immunoglobulin A&M and other health issues.
Does anyone have experience with this matter? I have never come across an issue that was this difficult to research. Any info or sharing of experience is appreciated. Thank you

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