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questions about my wife please help

1 year 6 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #56818 by Alan
Welcome Wojos,

Your wife has really been through the ringer. Sorry for her pain. I didn't see but, I am assuming she has had the cystoscopy done with a bright light and a thin snake like contraption? That is a normal test in looking into the bladder.

Sometimes a reason for bleeding is never found and there can be many causes. Also, a large amount of blood to us might be very little! As you said from infection to stones. My wife had an unexplained bleeding some 30 years ago and we never found a cause. She did have what is called a retropylogram. A test that reads up through the bladder into the kidneys and that almost sounds like your Feb 20 test. Hope you get some answers! Let us know what you find. We all learn from each other.

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1 year 6 months ago #56815 by wojos
Thank you for reading. Nov 1 2017 my wife was taken to er by ambulance with lower abdominal pain . After a ct she was dxed with diverticulitis. Antibiotics for that as well as the suspected uti due to large blood in urine . My wife did not get better and more tests they change dx to pancollitus . jan 18 hospitalized with a flare . Again large blood in urine . Released on steroids and more antibiotics . Later jan 18 again hospitalized this time with major pain and pressure in bladder as well as again large blood in urine . Again ct to look at colon and blood tests looking for infections . Moderate colon inflammation and no infections . Discharged again more steroids and no cause for blood in urine . More of the same over next year . 3 more hospital stays twice for pain and pressure in bladder and large blood still found in urine . Last hospital stay was dec 18 and it was for major pain and inability to urinate more than a trickle . with pain going around her right side to her back and again large blood in urine . Dr does cts and ultrasounds and blood tests looking for kidney stone or infection . After 3 daays she tells my wife there are no more tests we can run . We find no infections and no kidney stones. We dont know why you are having blood in urine but there are no more tests we can run . Steroids again as well as pain meds . Last week after a follow up with her gp where again My wife asked why she was having teh pain and pressure and has to pee constantly but never very much at any time and why the blood . He told my wife to see her lady doc . ( wife had total hysterectomy over 20 yrs ago ) . We call gp to see up refferal and have are able to goto gp later that day to get checked out to make the refferal . While there her gp understanding her lack of internal lady parts again does a blood test and urine test . Urine large blood present . At that moment her gp looked in her file at the labs and sees that my wife has failed 7 out of 8 urine tests in last 1.5 yrs for large blood in urine. Her dr says we have been so into taking care of your colon we have never investigated your bladder . She actually said oh my so sorry . Went to urologist last week who looked at her records and multiple scans over past year and a half and immediately scheduled her to go into or on feb 20 to look in bladder take biopsies and inject contrast to kidneys and take xrays . My wife has had several cancer scares over this time period . She has had every blood test looking for leukemia or lymphoma none found . I am used to the not knowing but the way the drs are acting is different this time and that has me concerned . So I ask you all this . realistically should we be concerned . What could possibly cause the blood without being an infection or stones . I know that only after the tests are done will we know anything but any info you could help with would be greatly appreciated . I thank you for taking the time to read this and my most sincere warm wishes for each and every one of you . Oh yah wife is 51 30plus year smoker . Has lost nearly 100 lbs in this time period .

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