Blue light cystoscopy

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Blue light is one of the newer toys (although not that new) that urologists have to play with. Som think it is of great value and some are not that impressed. My case was similar to Dave’s without the blue light in that the first TURB showed low grade papillary and areas of redness. The second one where special attention was paid to the areas of your rotation gave us the diagnosis of CIS.

It is not the fancy toys that the doctor has that makes the difference but his experience and expertise that is important .

Sara Anne

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Hi Jjbrown,

I can only tell you of my experience. I have had 2 turbt surgeries. First was traditional and my follow up turbt was blue-light. For my first I went to a "surgicare" outpatient facility and for the bluelight I went to the main hospital (associated with same surgicare). The hospital was more expensive and I am pretty sure that they just being introduced in that facility. I say this because the Bluelight product people were there at the time of my surgery. After surgery my Urologist gave my wife the photos showing the bluelight pics. First surgery I has a papillary tumor removed with suspicious spots noted. I was given a dye before surgery and rolled around for about an hour or so to spread the contrast or dye?? My doctor told me he was glad that he used the bluelight because this time the pathology showed the suspicious spot was CIS. Most importantly for me one was on the "dome" of my bladder - he said it was harder to remove and even had to have an assistant push down on my bladder to help with resection. It has been 2 years since my initial diagnosis, initial 6 BCG and ongoing maintenance BCG.

I couldn't say it is better or not but I think it might make it easier to spot in some cases from what I have read. Best of luck, I have all the confidence that you will be OK when you get this behind you.

Peace and Love - Dave

08/16 Blood in Urine;09/16 CT Scan, RPG, Cysto;10/16 TURBT;12/08 BL TURBT;01/17 6X BCG;05/17 NED, 3X BCG, 9/17 NED, 3X BCG,1/18 NED, 3X BCG,7/18 NED, 3X BCG

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I am not sure why I/we haven't seen much on this. It does seems like an improvement. My URO (and this is almost 11 years ago) doesn't even have a tv monitor for scopes, not that I really want to see the exam.

He did use a blue dye to light up any possible tumors on my TURBs. As it stands I am not sure it is real important but, it might be a question to ask.

DX 5/6/2008 TAG3 papillary tumor .5 CM in size. 2 TURBS followed by 6 instillations of BCG weekly with a second round of 6 after a 6 week wait.

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Hello all,
I am scheduled for my first TURBT on the 19th. I have been doing some reading online about the new blue light cystoscopy and how it can see cancer so much more clearly than the standard cystoscopy. I am at a large urology group and assumed they would use this but when I looked online where they offer the blue light, it was pretty disappointing. Not many places! I am in Buffalo New York. and not even Roswell Park offers this, and they are a major cancer center and teaching hospital. The closest to me that offers this is the University of Rochester. I was curious if blue light is usually only used with more complex Cases or should I take the drive to Rochester? If it is such a better procedure, why don't most urologists use this?

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