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The second biopsy may very well have a different result. Usually a second TURB is done when there is a question about a diagnosis (maybe enough tissue wasn't taken or not enough areas were sampled.) It is considered to be good medical practice to do a second TURB. The second time (if it is the same urologist...I understand that this is a new doctor for you) the surgeon knows where the problem areas are and can give them special attention.

In my case, the first TURB/path report indicated low-grade papillary tumors, with "areas of unspecified irritation." My urologist went back for a second TURB with emphasis on the areas of "unspecified irritation" and the diagnosis was clearly CIS (carcinoma in situ) which is high grade. My treatment plan was completely different than it would have been with only the first TURB for guidance.

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I had a biopsy on my bladder. The pathologist result. Stated cancer didn't get into the layers of the bladder. I went to another Dr and I am waiting on the 2nd biopsy .what are the chances that the two pathologist has different results?

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