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TURBTs and BCG treatment

1 week 9 hours ago #56600 by JDRVNJ
Thanks so much for your kind words and advice. I am waiting for a call back from my Dr. office to discuss my issues.

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1 week 9 hours ago #56599 by sara.anne
Well, I suspect that this was NOT the New Year's gift you wanted! However, you are in a good place...the diagnosis is the kind that has a very good prognosis. You have been pro-active and are being seen at one of the very best for bladder cancer diagnosis and treatment.

As for your current symptoms, they could very well be a result of the TURB. BUT anytime that you have a question about a symptom such as this you need to ask your doctor about it. We aren't doctors here and are not familiar with your exact situation.

There is a LOT about BCG on this Forum. Go to the top right of this page and use the "Search" button. Please remember that people who have side effects are more likely to post (complain?) than those who have none!! But in a nutshell, you will probably be "uncomfortable" for the day of the BCG administration. For a few hours after administration you may have cramping, urgency, burning, and even some bleeding. By the next day you should be able to do a desk job...particularly if the rest room isn't too far(!) IF you can schedule the BCG treatments for a Friday that would be great...you would have the weekend to recover. The most noticeable side effect for me was fatigue. The purpose of BCG is to "kick-up" your immune system to reject the cancer and the side effects do increase as the treatments continue. This is GOOD news, since it means that your body IS responding which is what you want to happen. If the side effects become too bad, the dose of BCG can be reduced significantly and still be effective. BCG is so much better than the chemotherapy that some cancer patients need. And in the case of high grade bladder cancer it can be life-saving.

You are doing all the right things and are being seen at an excellent center. You will do great!!

Sara Anne

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1 week 9 hours ago #56597 by JDRVNJ
Hello all,
I am 54 year old man in very good health.(Former smoker) In Oct. 2018 awoke with blood in urine, saw GP who directed me to Urologist who performed Cystoscopy Dec. 7th. He detected papillary carcinoma and recommended TURBT.
After discussing with my wife, I arranged to see BC specialist at MSKCC in NYC on 12/19, he performed another Cysto to confirm, and then performed TURBT on Jan 2 2019.
Pathology came back Stage 0a non-invasive urothelial carcinoma with predominantly low grade but SOME high grade cells detected.
I am having a 2nd TURBT on Jan 29, and 3 -4 weeks later will begin BCG treatments once a week for 6 weeks.

My questions are:
--It's been 9 days since TURBT, and other than the first 24 hours of burning etc. after surgery had no discomfort at all until yesterday. Now have constant urge to go, and a slight tingle/burn not really painful, but noticeable. Urine is totally clear. Does that sound normal?
-- BCG side effects - what should I be expecting? I sit at a desk for 9 hours a day.

Thank you in advance for any feedback. Happy New Year

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