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Hello everyone! I've been reading in this forum and have found you all to be extremely helpful and kind! I was wondering if you'd heard of a situation like mine, and your thoughts. Here are the details:

- Microscopic hematuria for 9 years.
- Four years ago, I saw a urologist, who did a cystoscopy and couldn't find anything. Said some people just have microscopic hematuria.
- I also have fibroids. The are rather large.
- I'm in menopause, female, 48.
- In November I started to feel pelvic pain, almost near the ovary. After many doctor's visits, and an ultrasound, my GYN suggested a hysterectomy to remove the fibroids. Another doctor suggested I see a urologist in part because of the continued microscopic hematuria and the pelvic pain.
- Urologist found "teeny" amounts of micro hematuria, urine test was fine otherwise. Flow test was a little weak but normal.
- CT urogram showed a pelvic mass consistent with fibroids. Bladder was difficult to visualize on CT scan (possibly due to fibroid mass), and it had "fuzzy edges" on the imaging. Doctor doesn't think I have bladder cancer but wants a cysto done — says my chances of BC is about 5%. CT scan showed no other calculi, stones, etc.

Does anyone have any thoughts on all this? I have a bit of health anxiety and am freaking out.

Thanks for all of your help!

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I can certainly understand your do have a lot going on!!

However, based on what you have written, my guess is that it is extremely unlikely that you have bladder cancer.
It is a good idea for your urologist to make sure (too often they just ignore hematuria in women), but I would put good money on betting that this is not part of your problem.

Sara Anne

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Thank you Sara Anne! I know that fibroids can wreak havoc on a woman's system and move things around inside. My urologist is great and thorough (I'm super grateful for that) but he acknowledged that fibroids and women's issues aren't his wheelhouse.

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