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Had my TURBT today.

1 year 9 months ago #56028 by doglover
I was very fortunate to get an early date for the TURBT. The waiting list at one hospital is two months. I was marked as ASAP, so I when someone canceled for Thursday, I was very thankful. I have been praying for that person because they have pneumonia, but I am also thankful I was able to move ahead.

God's hand was in everything working out the details for something that looked like it could not happen with a 3 day notice. My cardiologist would not sign the clearance because I had not done the stress and a leg dopplar test. I had an echo and EKG and they said both were fine and that was all that was required of the cardiologist. I had to get them to send the results to my primary care, and ask him to sign the clearance form. I told them I felt just fine and had just jumped off the treadmill from a run to call them. My primary care was reluctant to sign the clearance which baffled me. The blood work I had done for another issue, all normal, and I was good to go. I finally received the clearance this morning. A friend volunteered the night before to drive and stay with me. She even drove me around to get the prescriptions after the surgery. A friend that works for the Vet volunteered to bring two of my dogs home because I would not arrive before closing. Very thankful. f

The procedure took about 45 minutes under general anesthesia in the hospital OR. I was told at the time that the cytopathology was run and it was normal. She said only the pathology would tell what it is, and if it was low grade, I would go on a 3 month schedule of cytoscopic check ups. If it was not, I would have my bladder removed. I was shocked when she said that. I thought there were several steps before that was done.
I was sent home with some pain meds, an antibiotic (one was also given during the procedure), and pyridium and told to have clear liquids. She also told me not to bend over for 2-7 days depending on pain. So far I have taken a quarter of the pain meds. There is pain, but so far it is not too bad. Some blood on urination at first and one tiny clot.
Someone had said they received a catheter, and I was worried about that, but didn't need one. I did get one suture in the urethra because of the size of tools and a tear. The suture is internal and they said it should not cause a problem. She said she removed the tumor and a section of bladder. I was given a date for the results in two weeks, but told she would call me if she got them sooner.

Is two weeks the average for a return on pathology reports??
Is it best to drink a lot of water to clear the bladder??

DX 10-19 First TURB Low grade, non invasive papillary urothelial carcinoma pTa. Recurrence 11-19 Second TURB DX Papillary Urothelial Neoplasm of Low Malignant Potential (PUNLMP)
Second recurrence discovered June 8, 2020 six months later.

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