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My father has grade-2, stage-T2a BC

1 year 11 months ago #55936 by Fk2789
Hi everyon, I am new here.
My father has been diagnosed with T2a (Grade-2, P1) earlier this year.
Went to our medical oncologist and suggested to go to urologis.
The tumor size was huge and it was 9cm*4cm. Urologist said that it couldn't be removed completely because of its big size but culd be slightly reduce. We again went to our oncologist and he suggested us to go through Radical cystectomy, but we denied as my father didn't want remove his organ, on the other hand he wasn't healthy enough to go through such kind of heavy surger. His age is now 69.
So our oncologist suggested us to make the tumor less in size by TURBT. After conducting TURBT, the mass size was 7cm*2cm.

Set a plan to give chemotherapy first which was gembacitine+carboplatin base. After gettin 3 full cycles and another half cycle, he developed Electrolyte Imbalance that insisted us to discontinue the chemotherapy for 1.5 months and after getting over from Electrolyte Imbalanc, he had developed Bleeding and UTI, so we went again to our oncologist and he denied to give chemotherapy again because of his bleedin and suggested us to take Radiation therapy emergency to control the bleeding.

We went to our Radiation Oncologist and he set a plan to give radiation with 2GY fraction daily and total 64GY. But before starting the radiatio, we took an Ultrasound that showed that his tumor is again 9cm*4cm which means that either his chemotherapy didn't respond or the 1.5 months gap make it large again. Is it possible? I don't know actuall. After getting chemotherap, father now is more fragile than before. Weight loss, severe side effects are there, loss of appetite etc.

Yesterday our total dose of radiation completed and oncologist said that he was not certain that in this fragile health whether my father can take all dosages or not but he finished it without any interruption. But have UTI again and serious burning during urination, Antibiotic started again for UTI.
Our oncologist set plan to review after 1month and he said that it can't be possible to shrink the tumor completely by using radiation and after hearing this, I am feeling down and frustrated.

So now I am here to know, is there any chance at this stage (T2a, grade-2) to be shrinked fully such large size tumor (9cm*4cm) after getting chemo and radiation? What could be the outcome? How many years or months my father has to be survived? Is there any chance that 1.5months gap of chemotherapy can enlarge again the tumor or the chemotherapy didn't work?
What could be the further possible treatment without RC?

Plz help. I am anxious.

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