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I was just diagnosed with stage 3 Bladder Cancer.

I am confused by why it took almost a year to get the diagnosis.

I originally went to my Urologist close to a year ago complaining of frequent urination. I had known I had an enlarged prostate from my GP but thought it was time to get a more specialized opinion.
They took urine samples and that came out "negative". I filled out a questionaire about how much my symptoms "bothered me"( getting up several times nightly). I stated it was inconvenient and undesireable but something I could live with for the time being. ( I was not feeling any pain and there was no blood in urine)
I came back in 3 months for another follow up check-up. Another urine sample was taken and came out negative.I came back for another check-up 3 months later and had another sample taken with the same results.
A few weeks ago I saw a tiny amount of blood in my urine, went back to the Urologist and they confirmed, after more extensive testing,there were malignant cells in the blood.

I had a CT scan 2 days ago. Today, on my 62nd birthday I had a Cystoscopy. My Urologist saw MASSIVE growths in my bladder. I am going to see another specialist for a 2nd opinion about treatment options.

I did not see blood in my urine until 3 weeks ago. Since that is the #1 sign of bladder cancer why did I not see blood until recently? ANY IDEAS OR COMMENTS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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2 years 7 months ago #55862 by sara.anne
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Sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

Blood in the urine is only one of many possible signs of bladder cancer. I was diagnosed with high grade bladder cancer and I have NEVER had any signs of urinary blood. This is not uncommon.

Sara Anne

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2 years 7 months ago #55863 by winthrop
Replied by winthrop on topic Confused and perplexed
Thank you Sarah Anne for sharing your experience!
I was reading that was the best part of this type of cancer (blood that is visually seen so early detection) but apparently that is not the whole picture.
I find myself wanting to blame the doctor(s) but in my heart I really don't want to do that. I would want to help someone with the same symptoms as me with frequent urination and let them know there is a possibility this is not entirely caused by enlarged prostate. This cystoscopy takes 45 minutes , the CT scan takes about 25 minutes.

Any other info. or insight greatly appreciated!

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