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I think I'm about to get diagnosed at only 34.

2 years 3 weeks ago - 2 years 3 weeks ago #55739 by VanessaLola
I am sorry that you are experiencing anxiety over this. If it helps, I want to share my experience. Ive had UTIs for the last year and generally go to a after hours clinic. Each time I was given antibiotics but the symptoms never really seemed to go away. My symptoms are increased frequency, flank pain, and pain occasionally in abdomen. I went back to the doctor recently 2.5 months ago and told them after the last UTI that the antibiotics didn't help so I requested a different kind of antibiotics thinking resistance was the issue. The doctor I saw was the owner of the clinic and he took yet another urine sample as well as was just more thorough. He then told me that each time I went in, I had blood (not visible to me) in my urine but was actually negative for a UTI. He wanted to do a CT without contrast. We did the scan the next day and received the results immediately. He told me I had no kidney stones but he wanted me to see a specialist. I had my appointment yesterday with a urologist which is about 1.5 months after the initial clinic experiences. The specialist told me he believed I have bladder cancer but will need tests to confirm. In October I will have a CT scan with and without contrast as well as a cystoscopy.

I am a 34 year old woman who smoked heavily for 13 years before quitting in 2013. I have a history of cancer in my family as I lost my father and his parents to colon cancer and another grandparent to a different form. I understand the anxiety and not knowing. All you can do is wait. There is a chance that everything will be fine and if not...then whatever it is can be met head on. Keep positive!

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2 years 4 weeks ago #55730 by sara.anne
It is absolutely normal to worry when things are not "right." It is also absolutely normal to "google" all your symptoms and come up with a diagnosis. Now is the time to step back and, difficult as it is, wait until you have a physician's diagnosis!!

First, you are young to have bladder cancer, although it does happen. More importantly, your only symptom that is typical is microscopic blood in the urine, and there are a hundred other reasons for this. The fact that oxalate crystals were also found, indicating the possibility of some type of stone, could well explain the presence of blood.

None of your other symptoms are typical of bladder cancer. And if you DID have bladder cancer, and if if HAD spread to the bones, you would have known about it long before now.

Please let us know the results of your exam!!

Wishing you all the best

Sara Anne

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2 years 4 weeks ago #55729 by Alan

Welcome. STOP and take the deep breath! First, many of your symptoms are NOT indications of bladder cancer. It almost sounds like you have a muscular or nerve issue. That said, none of us are doctors. The most specific and bladder cancer symptom is the hematuria (visible/gross, non visible/microscopic) is the one symptom to check out. Having a cystoscopy and CT urogram are the "gold" standard for diagnosing this disease. Easy for me to say 10 years post but, you simply will not know anything until these are done. Probably the majority of the time the finding is unknown or it is NOT bladder cancer. All you can do is take one day at a time. Come back as you have questions.

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2 years 4 weeks ago #55727 by edwardj
Hi, I'm a 34 year old male and I'm so terrified. I'm seriously pretty certain I have cancer and I know everyone ends up that way entering their symptoms in Google but I'm actually scheduled for a CT Urogram and cystoscopy fairly soon and I just think based on my symptoms it's not looking good.

I have had this going on the last 6 or so months: neuropathy (burning) and sometimes tingling in my feet, one night recently I had tingling all over, but it's mostly my feet, legs. I've also had weird nerve pain. More importantly, I've had hip pain when laying on either side at night - it's really not possible to sleep on my sides anymore. Now it's also in my lower back/pelvis. Today, I had it in my right hip just going about my day. It's deep and kind of dull/radiating and it's still there right now. A few months ago I noticed trouble urinating. Wasn't insanely severe - just difficult and strange for me. I had my PSA level checked: normal. Had the prostate exam for the hell of it even though I'm 34: totally normal. Had my blood sugar and A1C checked in case diabetes was causing it: blood sugar was a bit high, but A1C was within the normal range. So, I was referred to a urologist. He had a nurse check if I was emptying my bladder okay via ultrasound and I was. He had me give a urine sample for a urine microscopy and I went on my way. He called two days later about it: I had microscopic bleeding: (4 - 20 per HPF). I also had calcium oxylate crystals present - that might be my saving grace, in the sense that stone could cause the bleeding, but I have no sign of infection, and stones don't cause hip pain.

I feel like this points towards advanced bladder cancer - I have symptoms of it having spread: fatigue, even with 8 hours sleep. Hip pain, and lower back pain. Urinary hesitancy. I think the unexplained neuropathy/tingling/nerve stuff is from my spine and that's a site it spreads to.

What else could it even be? I'd feel okay about my chances without the unexplained deep hip pain and just brutal random fatigue. I'm not 75 years old, (no offense to someone who might be here).

Anyways, I'll find out soon enough. I hate this. My Dad died of cancer when I was a young child, around my exact age now, except it was lung cancer: he chainsmoked from 15 onward and inhaled toxic chemicals in the print industry. It seems so unfair my family might have to go through this again, but I just don't see any other reasons for how I'm feeling. The symptoms all add up.

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