My dad has an abnormally large bladder mass

2 years 10 months ago #55558 by Ashlee
My dad had his first checkup 2yrs ago in which they had found a 2.4cm bladder mass during his cystoscopy. He was already terrified of visiting hospitals to begin with, so the cystoscopy was enough for him to believe that "he would die soon anyways", so he had nothing to lose by leading a healthier lifestyle. His only symptom was on/off blood in his urine. Two months ago, he started developing severe UTI symptoms (.e.g urge to urinate, pain when urinating) and pain near his prostate. He could barely sit without being in pain. Through many struggles, we finally encouraged him to visit another doctor last Friday (7/6). That Friday, my dad got an ultrasound in which they had found an "abnormally large" 10cm mass. The doctor felt that it was very likely bladder cancer and the pain was also very likely from it having spread to other regions. The doctor and the nurses were completely shocked at the size of the mass. Do bladder tumors really grow this fast?
My dad has a CAT scan scheduled for early August, which seems so far away. My family's world has turned upside down. My mom completely broke down and my dad even cried for the first time in over 20yrs. We're even struggling financially, so (worse case scenario) if my dad passes, we'll even lose our home. I'm very new to all this, so I really need a lot of advice. Thank you.

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