Bulge in left bladder wall

2 years 11 months ago #55325 by Marian88
Bulge in left bladder wall was created by Marian88

My poor mum has a nasty surprise when a mass showed up on 2 CT scans 4 weeks ago which was smooth and regular in outline. On Monday she has her cystoscopy to investigate in which the doctor was very pleased to see nothing in the bladder lining, but instead a bulge just under 3cm which was described as an 'inward protrusion'.

The doctor suspected that this was a fibroid from the uterus but has a trans vaginal ultrasound done and the doctor confirmed fibroids but does not think this is what is causing the bulge and has now referred her for an MRI to look at her bladder again. No bladder specific symptoms, but she has been diagnosed with severe vitamin d deficiency which prompted them to do these tests.

Everyone seems rather stumped at the moment, but the bulge in the left wall is definitely there and a huge worry to her. Has anyone has this experience? Or can recommend which avenues to pursue next?

Any help, guidance or advice would be HUGELY appreciated. We are out of our minds with worry.


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