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Is there any truth to intense cranberry therapy to inhibiting bladder tumor grow

2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 5 months ago #55175 by richard_lv

I studied this intensively for my dad. I was unable to find evidence for cranberry therapy and bladder cancer cure, however I was able to find evidence for cranberry therapy and curing urinary tract infections.

I would avoid using high end concentration.

I would recommend using half a cup of natural cranberry juice from berries a day and not more. Note that cranberry juice is a blood thinner. Don't use it before surgery!

If you followed my juice therapy post, this is one of juices we're not yet doing with my dad as cranberry is hard to buy. Yesterday however I was able to find a place where they sell berries and we'll be juicing it today but only 1/4 of a cup to try it out first.

And while we're talking about juices, I recommend natural (not concentrate) cabbage juice, broccoli juice, and turnip juice. There are many scientific publications that show that active compounds in these cruciferous vegetables activate genes that kill tumor cells.

We bought a juicer with dad just to do natural juices and we go and buy all the vegetables for juicing.

Dad's 2nd pathology result (from 2nd TURBT) will be available any day now, and I will update one of my threads about if juices helped at all.

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2 years 5 months ago #55174 by jones
I've read several legitimate studies that show that intense cranberry therapy can inhabit small bladder tumor growth. Has anybody heard anything along those lines? I'd imagine one would have to have a fairly high end consistent concentrations of cranberry in order to inhibit tumor growth?

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