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Prominent Squamous Differentiation

2 years 6 months ago #55183 by BexnMox
I want to thank you for such a quick reply. I answered my own question when I went in for the biopsy yesterday and found out that Squamous Differentiation is a high grade bladder cancer. I had too many tumors in my bladder for the surgeon to remove. It's aggressive. He gave it a stage 3, but now I need pathology to give input. And I'll need to go in for scans. I had a pet scan in August and nothing showed up! I had an ultra sound in Dec for gross hematuria and nothing showed up. I sure hope that while my cancer is aggressive it hasn't spread into other parts. I'll opt for the radical surgery with a Urostomy bag ASAP. My research says it's the least complicated way to go, and the Urology Surgeon agreed. Again, thank you for responding so quickly

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2 years 6 months ago #55142 by sara.anne
If you will go to the top of this page, at the upper right, there is a Search function. Click on it and enter "squamous" and you will find all the posts concerning squamous cell bladder cancer. There are quite a few.

As for papillary, that is when the tumor looks like a little mushroom growing out of the bladder lining. This is probably the most common manifestation of bladder cancer.

I saw a news report just recently about a new combination treatment that is being used very successfully with CLL. Can't put my hands on it right now, but your hematologist will know about it. It looks as if there finally may be some really good news for this insidious disease.

Sara Anne

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2 years 6 months ago #55141 by BexnMox
Is there anyone on the forum who has experienced this type of bladder cancer? It apparently isn't typical, with about 20% diagnosed. My pathology report also has "Papillary" listed. Again, not typical, and it may indicate the HPV virus. So I'm looking for anyone who has experience with this type of bladder cancer to provide information about their experiences. I'm going in for the 2nd exam this Thursday where they'll stage the cancer to see if it's invasive. I know there is "poor prognosis" associated with this. I'm 75, and BC is my 3rd primary cancer. I've made it through clear PET/CT scans for 2 years after my left lung was removed due to lung cancer. My other cancer is CLL/SL - I'd been in remission 2 years for that. It's back, and I'm not sure how I'll handle treatment for it. But anyone who can provide their experiences with my type of BC would be so helpful.

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