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23 and Terrified

2 years 6 months ago #55117 by sara.anne
So sorry to have you join us! You are at the young end of the age range for bladder cancer, but it isn’t unheard of.

You really will not know what you are facing until the path report is back after the TURB and this can take a week or so. The urologist will have a pretty good guess, but it still takes the path to be sure. Blue light is a relatively new adjunct which makes it easier for the urologist to see what he is dealing with during the TURB.

The differing estimates on a tumor’s size are not surprising since these are just that, estimates. And the location on the bladder wall is a fairly easy area for the urologist to reach for removal although he will be examining the entire organ.

Please let us know what they find....

Sara Anne

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2 years 6 months ago #55116 by ross94
Hello all,
Last month, I noticed some blood in my urine and went to an urgent care facility. They did a urinalysis and everything came back negative except for a moderate amount of blood; they assumed I had a stone or something and referred me to a urologist. The urologist did not seem too concerned since I am so young and said it could be a wide range of things causing the blood, but ordered a CT scan and cytology to be on the safe side.

Cytology came back negative, so we were hopeful the CT wouldn't show anything serious. The CT showed "abnormal findings with irregular mass within the lateral urinary bladder on the left abutting the bladder wall measuring 1.3 x 1.1 x 1.8cm. No adenopathy. No renal or ureteral abnormalities demonstrated." So, I had a cystoscopy last Monday, which showed "a 2.50cm lesion/mass located at the left lateral wall bladder." I am scheduled for a TURBT with Bluelight Cysview on Monday the 23rd.

I am a 23 year old male, never smoked and am stunned. My questions are:
1) Is there anything I should know about the location of this tumor?
2) Does anyone have experience with Bluelight?
3) Should I be concerned about the discrepancies in the sizing of the tumor between reports (5 days apart from each other) or is it normal for them to differ some?

Thanks in advance! :)

Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of bladder-4/9/18

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