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First TURBT soon, too much anxiety

3 years 1 month ago #54433 by fearInHope
Thanks for the response, Alan.

Though mine was found by 'accident' without any typical symptoms (no blood in urine even after being tested multiple times in uro's office) I am hopeful that that is a good sign and it was caught early.

This Thursday is the procedure to remove the tumor found via scope and then flush my bladder with chemo. I will report back after with any findings.

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3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #54432 by Alan
I had several similar thoughts and some of the same symptoms almost 10 years ago. I am still around and also was fortunate to keep my bladder. Blood in the urine was my start. The CT scan and cysto scope are the "gold standard" for checking things out. The CT scan was read by the radoiologist and said no tumors "visible or apparent". My thorough URO read the same report 1/2 hour later as I arrived for follow up and he said no, the radiologist missed a tiny tumor on my bladder! Talk about a diligent and thorough URO. At the same time to be sure the cystoscope was done. Papillary or mushroom like tumors are easier seen in the CT scan and scope with CIS or flat lesions are almost always seen with the cysto scope, hence both tests. This is all treatable and beatable. The next test likely with be the biopsy called the TURB (transurethral bladder resection). You won't really know much until it is done to confirm what is suspected, a tumor and it will be graded as a high grade or low grade and how involved into the bladder. Then you will have a plan. Low grade and no muscle involvement and you will probably be given cysto scope every 3 months for a year or two graduating to every 6 months and finally a year. High grade with no muscle and you will probably have BCG given which is immunotherapy. While not a cakewalk this is doable and certainly easier than chemo.

As far as your penis irritation. I am no doctor so I'd keep you docs in the loop. Could be a simple rash caused by underwear rubbing, an infection among other things or simple irritation of living. I'd trust the "multiple"docs on this if several have been consulted. If you get the BCG I could understand your complaint as I had those symptoms for a short while during treatments.

Welcome and keep asking away.

DX 5/6/2008 TAG3 papillary tumor .5 CM in size. 2 TURBS followed by 6 instillations of BCG weekly with a second round of 6 after a 6 week wait.

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3 years 1 month ago #54431 by fearInHope
I am a 38 year old male, ex-smoker. After some minor liver issues that didn’t go away my GP decided to have me do an ultrasound of the abdomen. Results were a possibly enlarged liver and spleen as well as a possible thickening of the bladder wall. Doctor referred me to a urologist to get my bladder checked as well as some additional scans for the liver and spleen (CT I think, which checked out all normal). The uro, who I have seen before, felt it was nothing but decided to scope me to be on the safe side. Well, I’m glad he did. The look of surprise on his face after he saw a turmor was not comforting, but it was warranted as neither him, my GP, or myself expected this at all as I had zero symptoms. Uro says by the looks of it it is most likely a low grade ‘nuisance’ tumor and he scheduled me for a TURBT about a week and a half later. Obviously I am full of anxiety and have so many questions... however I am most curious if the reasons I saw him in the past have anything to do with BC. The following are the symptoms I had and still have since about April of this year (2017) with no dx. Has anyone had anything similar or familiar with them in any way? Of course I am assuming the worst case scenario...

The main symptom I have been dealing with is a mild irritation on the meatus (urethral opening) and head of the penis. A minor pinkish rash has developed there that can be irritated by friction, ejaculation, and apparently ocean water and sand. It comes and goes in severity but seems to be constant in a minor form. I have had multiple docs check it out and all have claimed that everything looks fine. Have tried treatments for yeast and fungus with no effect. Hydrocortisone seems to help as well as when I was on prednisone for an unrelated issue (lower back injury). Was also prescribed Cipro but didn’t help. The look of the ‘rash’ seems to change through the day and depending on my activity. My concern is that this due to the BC spreading to the prostate or somewhere else.

Thanks for reading and indulging my anxiety.

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