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Blood in Urine

2 years 9 months ago #54472 by Sean T
All I can tell is my own story. I was a 58 year old smoker and I went to my doctor the next day after first seeing blood in my urine. He tested my urine and the results were that there was no trace of microscopic blood in my urine (despite my urine being fire engine red!). I read all the Internet information that said most blood in urine does not turn out to be a symptom of bladder cancer, and that's true, no doubt. But after the blood continued on and off for about nine months, I went back to my doctor and this time he sent me for more tests and the result was that I did indeed have bladder cancer.

So, the morale of my story is that if the blood in urine continues on and off either tell your doc that you want more tests or go get a new doc.

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2 years 9 months ago #54415 by sara.anne
So sorry to see your post here and see that you are understandably quite worried. However you need to remember that there are hundreds of reasons for blood in the urine that have nothing to do with cancer . Also most of us who were diagnosed with bladder cancer had no symptoms such as pain or discomfort. In my case for example I didn’t even have blood in the urine, just ongoing symptoms of a UTI with no bacteria present .

It is very good that you have scheduled an appointment with a urologist because that is the only way to rule out any possibility of bladder cancer. It is way too early to decide that this is your diagnosis now. I realize that it is difficult for you but you need to step back and wait until you have something definitive. Nothing that you have described so far is a sure indication of bladder cancer

Wishing you all the best

Sara Anne

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2 years 9 months ago #54414 by Staceylaura
I had my physical and had blood in my urine, 14 RBC. My doctor said he would be more concerned if had blood in my urine if was a smoker in my 60's. I can not help but be worried though! I have had constant bladder pressure for about 20-years. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis about 15-years ago. The pressure is not that bad and at times is worse than others.

If this is bladder cancer is this a low number so not an advanced stage if it is bladder cancer? I am just worried because also have lower right back pain. I didn't mention to doctor because thought it was my sciatica before researching blood in my urine, which he knows about. I should have an appointment with the urologist within the next few weeks hopefully...waiting for phone call from the office.

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