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Reoccurring bladder infection

3 years 2 days ago #54189 by sara.anne
Welcome, Vincent.

UTI-like symptoms and blood in the urine can be signs of bladder cancer, as well as many other things. Until they do a biopsy they won't really know what is going on.

IF it is bladder cancer and if it is caught early it is very treatable. The urologist will most likely do what is called a "TURB" (transurethral resection of the bladder) which is done under general anesthesia usually as an outpatient. He will remove as much of whatever tumor-like material he sees and will send it to a pathologist for analysis. Only after the path report comes back ...and this can take up to a week or so...will the doctor know exactly what you are dealing with. After the TURB he may have a pretty good idea, but it takes the path report to know all the details. If it IS cancer, the treatment plan will depend on whether it is low grade or high grade and whether it is still confined to the bladder lining or not.

As I mentioned, if caught early, bladder cancer is highly treatable. I was diagnosed with high grade almost 9 years ago and am doing great!

Good luck to your mother

Sara Anne

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3 years 2 days ago #54187 by vincent09
My mum had a reoccurring bladder infection with blood! The CT scan showed a thicking of the bladder wall and she is scheduled for a biopsy. How serious is this and if it is cancer can it be found in the early stages. im worried because she around the age most people are diagnosed for cancer of the bladder and a ex smoker . thank you

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