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Urethelial cancer in Kidney

2 years 11 months ago #54201 by Carol99
After 2 rounds of chemo with only mild fatigue, they did scans for progress (I am set for four rounds_ the scans showed reduction from 14.8 mm to 6.6 mm size of tumor. No other spots shown. Hope after chemo is complete it is even better! Still no major side effects from chemo. Two weeks left of chemo . THen more scans to see results. Plan is to let chemo get out of system and remove left kidney and ureter and I guess the lymph node affected. So far. So good.

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2 years 11 months ago #54200 by Hillbilly

I have Metastatic Urothelial Carcinoma that was in my left kidney. I had my left kidney removed in July 2017, along with Ureter and bladder cuff - nephroureterectomy. I have completed 3 cycles of Cisplatin + Gemcitibine and will get another CT scan after 4th cycle. The SE's are not fun but tolerable.

Have you taken this chemotherapy? Did you have positive results?


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3 years 1 week ago #54163 by Jmitchell418

So sorry for your diagnosis. I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma in my left kidney via biopsy. I had the kidney removed but the ureter remained. At the time, the margins were clear of cancer. However, once removed the kidney pathology indicated urethelial (bladder) cancer. I recovered for 6 weeks and sought out a second opinion.

During that time, the ureter had become fully consumed by cancer and I had cancer tumors in the bladder. The ureter was removed and I went through 6 weeks of BCG with zero affect. The bladder/prostate was removed and I have an ileal conduit diversion. Very happy right now and cancer free for more than 1 year.

I'd highly recommend seeking the advice of a bladder cancer specialist. My first doctor was a general urologist and I'll always wonder if he would have removed the kidney and ureter together would it have spread to the bladder.

I was fortunate that none of my lymph nodes were affected by cancer and didn't require chemotherapy, but I'd recommend validating that guidance with a specialist since there is a lot to consider such as the type and grade of cancer.

Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress! There are many success stories out there!


45YO male
11/30/2015 Left nephrectomy
2/17/2016 left ureterectomy
8/10/2016 cyctoprostatectomy w/ileal conduit diversion
Cancer free since!

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3 years 1 month ago #54048 by Carol99
I have a unique situation (according to my doctor). I am a 73 year old female and have bladder cancer in the kidney pevlic and top of ureter, but no cancer in the bladder. It has metasticed to a nearby lymph node. My doctor advised chemo prior to the removing my left kidney and ureter. I have gone through three infusions and have had no adverse side effects. Wondering if it is working! I truly feel fabulous and energetic. At first the oncologist was convinced it was renal cell carcinoma and gave me a horrible, devastating prognosis. The lymph biopsy showed it to be the urethelial instead and my doctor was very happy to give me this report. So, I assume it is a more treatable cancer. Still, I have read conflicting stats on survival rates. After the chemo rounds they will remove my left kidney and probably the lymph node. My doctor believes we can eradicate the cancer with the chemo, removal of kidney and followup chemo. I hope he is right! I am wondering how long into the chemo treatments it took to feel effects of the chemo? Or is THIS IT? The doctor told me if I didn't feel anything after the 2nd infusion that I probably wouldn't at all. I would love to hear some success stories of survival.

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