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Not diagnosed yet...

3 years 1 month ago #53441 by briteday
I'm a 57 yo female in good health, never smoker, no major illnesses besides well controlled high blood pressure and anxiety disorder. I've been having pain on my right side for a couple of years. Been worked up for gallbladder x2, taken antibiotics for UTIs that didn't exist (no growth on cultures), have a borderline high serum creatinine (1.10) that has been chalked up for a couple of years to dehydration, GFR 50-60, and microscopic RBC and WBC in urine for at least one year. A couple of weeks ago I had gross hematuria, PCP office again ordered antibiotics and ordered an ultrasound after much prodding for something more. In the meanwhile I booked an appointment with a urologist. The ultrasound came back negative, totally normal and there was no growth on the culture from the PCP visit. Visit with the urologist and he took a urine specimen for cytology and ordered a CT which will happen on Friday and of course with the holiday I won't get an answer until Tuesday or Wednesday. The first available appointment for a cystoscopy is June 26. The urologist mentioned bladder cancer as he said we are running out of other things to call it.

I know the CT scan may also be negative. Is it unusual to wait so long for a scope? Is there anything else I should be asking for, testing, etc?

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