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Sorry I've been away

3 years 6 months ago #53188 by Alan

I missed ya! I am sorry about your friends problems but, we all have learned to fight on which is good to read. I ALWAYS look forward to your thoughtful and well written posts.
It is a gift!

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3 years 6 months ago #53183 by GKLINE
Hello Everyone, I haven't been here in way too long. And I'm sorry.
I've had no health issues myself (still chugging along as cancer free) but I have been focused on my friends who
have had cancer issues.
Starting around Thanksgiving, my good friends Skip was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and had to have chemo and radiation to kill the tumor before they considered surgery. Luckily, he just had the surgery and is recovering and acclimatizing to his "new normal." There is an upside; you know me... There always has to be an upside..... He has to eat small meals all the time, every day, forever! I gain weight eating a salad and he will lose weight eating 10,000 calories a day! But he is a great guy and I am happy he will be around to eat in front of me and smile!

Then at Christmas, my friend Brian, was found to have a tumor attached to his pancreas. The performed wipple surgery and pronounced him "cf". But then a week later, he had lymphnodes showing cancer and a ct scan showed tumors on his liver and very aggressive growth elsewhere. He has undergone aggressive chemo and showed every single side effect possible. He also failed to have the last two treatments because of a low white blood cell count.
Today we hope he can resume.

This may seem a depressing post, but it could have been a lot worse if Brian and Skip had been "glass half empty" people. Sure cancer is a BIG DEAL and SCARY AS HELL and Potentially deadly, but both my friends have been through MAJOR surgery and they have good "TEAMS" at home to help.

The only scary part for me is they want to be...... just like George! They want to be just like they were before cancer. I had to tell them of my "new normal" They were surprised to find that my post surgery changes were as dramatic as they were. So, as they start their new lives and complain about their challenges...... I use an old Saturday Night Live quote...... "It is better to look good, than to feel good!"

I know this was posted in Newly Diagnosed and I did this for a purpose. Most of us old timers look here first because this is where we can do the most good by quickly showing that cancer is not a death sentence for many. But that attitude and teamwork will make the journey easier. Life will change. You will not be "perfect" like before.
But if you make it through the journey, get up each day and be damn glad that you have that day. Even if you have to wash the sheets and wear a pad and see the Dr way too much.

Thank you all for being here. I think of you every day and have never forgotten how you helped me through my "cancer thing" So even though I have been focused on these friends, I haven't forgotten my friends here.



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