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I am 37 years old, 2 years ago i started having pressure on my bladder for the week after my period would end. I had to find a new doctor, as mine had retired, and explained this to him. He ruled out an infection and sent me for an ultrasound. Thickening of the bladder wall was found and I was sent to a urologist. She informed me that this was most likely age and I could try to train my bladder. She mentioned the cystoscopy and seemed to downplay the situation so I didn't press it. Now almost 2 years later, I have had another ultrasound for fertility reasons and an irregular mass with vascularity has been found. The mass is projecting into the lumen and is almost 3cm. I'm terrified. When I didn't press the issue two years ago....did it cost me my life. I have a cystoscopy schedule in 2 weeks it feels like an eternity. I have an MRI referral in to see if it had spread but I have no idea when that appointment will be. Is there a chance it could be a cyst or is it usually cancer? I continue to have the bladder urgency and frequency issues. I have not been feeling well for a while now, aches and fluish. A chest ache. I'm so afraid it has spread and I have not been aware all because I didn't press things 2 years ago. Any words or experiences you can share would help me so much. Thank you. Cheryl

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Welcome to the forum. Responses here come from others with bladder cancer, not doctors, thus medical advice is not offered here. There is a good chance that the growth is not cancer, or if it is, that it is local and treatable. Suspicion of cancer is so scary when a doctor says it unexpectedly.

The good news is that you have found the growth, and that you have a plan to deal with it. You have not received bad news so far. You have an apparent tumor that has not been shown to be cancer. There is no need to assume the worst.

You are on the way to a full workup to determine the nature of the growth. Until a biopsy is taken and the pathologist report is received, you will not know the nature of the growth. It may be a month or more before you know. Waiting is terrible - we have all been there. We want answers NOW, and that rarely happens.

Try to relax, and wait for the biopsy report and then a treatment plan if needed. We know you can't relax - neither could we. In hindsight we do know that worrying does not help.

Focus on the fact that the growth is not necessarily cancer. You need and are working to get more information. You are moving in the right direction.

Read other peoples experiences and comment and ask about any issues here.


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Thank you Jack for the positive message. I have had my cystoscopy and am now scheduled for my turbt. I'm very scared. I have never had general anastetic before. I'm most afraid of what they will find but I'm also fearful of the procedure. My procedure is on May 11, 2017 - only a month after finding the Tumour so I'm pleased with how quickly things are moving.

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99.9% of these are non events for anesthesia and the surgery. I feel your concern being a first surgery. I have been through 2 TURBS, 2 hernias and 1 torn wrist ligament (a little longer and delicate surgery) a total of 5 and know so many that have had for more serious issues these were non events. All had very normal endings but, still understand it's no fun. You will do just fine, it is simply a new experience. Focus on the fact that you are closer to getting answers on your situation. One day at a time is all we can control. There is a good chance whatever it is, is minor, and if itshould be something more, bladder cancer is beatable and treatable.

Please keep us posted!

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