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At my wit's end...

3 years 6 months ago #53022 by sara.anne
Welcome....even though we don't know if you are going to stay!

I moved your post here where it is more likely to be read. "Chit chat " is more for humor, and your story really doesn't fit there.

You should get some good answers from the urologist and if is good that you finally got a referral. Hopefully you will soon be on the mend.

Wishing you all the best!

Sara Anne

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3 years 6 months ago #53021 by TinaY75
Back in Dec. I had a bad virus, at the same time I got UTI. I was given antibiotics, but still ended up at the ER that night for excessive kidney pain. Given pain killers, sent home. Infection seemed to go away, but I could still feel kidney pain occasionally. Early Jan. felt another infection coming on, went right to urgent care. They weren't sure if it was an infection, gave me antibiotics told me to check back w/ my dr. after a week. Went back tools her infection cleared up but still had flank discomfort. She thought it was back pain and prescribed muscle relaxers & stretches. Went back after a week for the same pain, got more antibiotics; had a CT no dye. CT showed a small stone in the lining, but she wasn't convinced pain was from the stone. In Feb, had full labs and ultrasound. Showed 2 stones, they grew 1.5 mm (3 &4 mm) & moved to the middle. Sent to nephrologist at beginning of March, still microscopic traces of blood no infection, but stones appear to be gone. However my kidneys, mostly right side still ache, last night and today pretty bad, probably because they did a little pounding on my sides during an examination; sometimes it's so bad I can't sleep. This week I saw a urologist, going to do a cystoscopy within the next 2 wks, more labs and another CT w/ dye.

Since the age of 16 I've dealt with kidney infections, since my early 20'so I've had chronic UTI's which always end up affecting my kidneys.

Honestly I think my dr should've sent me to a urologist along time ago for the uti's but here we are almost 4 mons later w/ more ?'s than answers.

I'm drinking 2-3 ltrs of water daily, no meat during lent, nothe drinking alcohol, nor caffeine. Prior to be told about my stones, I felt like I was having to pee more than usual or the urge, sometimes nothing or very little urine coming out; some nights it was 2 - 4x'so. Some pain during sex; having to be very careful.

Now that I'm told the stones are gone, but I still have traces of blood in my urine I'm getting worried. I had no idea my chronic UTI's and kidney infections could cause other problems.

Has anyone else had this problem? So tired of the pain, Dr visits and not living my usual life.

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