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Small hard thick walled bladder only holding 25cc

3 years 8 months ago #52909 by djb2005
Jack; your right, this process is so long and the waiting for results is agonizing.

We hope we get more information on Monday in Ann Arbor for the 2nd opinion.

Thank you for making me feel more comfortable that some of this is normal when dealing with this type of cancer.

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3 years 8 months ago #52908 by djb2005
Hi Jack, my husband was prescribed Ditropan (spelling?) Also he wears a patch (Oxotrol, again selling?) for the urgency.

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3 years 8 months ago #52907 by djb2005
Hi Cynthia, we live in Southern MI and our 2nd opinion is at Ann Arbor Oncology/Urology this Monday. It's 1 hour away from us.

Our current urologist, after the first TURB said he was perplexed afterwards because during the proceure he could only get 100cc when washing the bladder and he said normal it cal expand to 5-600cc.

Our Urologist is also telling us that the catheter balloon can only be opened slightly because of the very small (mad) space available in the bladder.

Next TURBT 3/17.

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3 years 8 months ago - 3 years 8 months ago #52906 by Jack R

While only your doctor is in a position to determine a cause and offer solutions, What you describe is not unusual.
ALWAYS check with your doctor before listening to me or anyone else.
We can commiserate, because your husbands story is known to many - we hurt and answers are way to slow in coming.

Initial symptoms that sent me - and countless others - to the urologist included:
Inability to urinate despite a feeling of great urgency,
Voiding tiny amounts 10 to 50 ml at a time.
Feeling a need for a bathroom every 5 or 10 minutes
Burning with and without voiding,
Bladder pain and spasms.
Pink to bright red blood and clots.

While being treated by the doctor, these same symptoms reappear for a while, as the bladder had been intentionally irritated with BCG - the amount of irritation does seem to vary from individual to individual. I have had to have a catheter, and made the midnight run to the ER to be cathedwhen I could not void at all. Again, not uncommon, as I have been assured by my doctors.

What helps ?
Simple things I have found include placing a hot water bottle (microwaved wet towel) on the bladder to relax spasm.
Urinating (with or without catheter) has been easier in unusual posture when problem arise - an attempt to relax the bladder muscles - for me, standing, leaning my torso over the bathroom sink while holding a urinal or when catheterized, made voiding easier. Standing in a warm shower, water over the lower abdomen, offered relief.
LOTS of liquid in, even when little is coming out, eventually helps for me, and has been recommended.

If the doctor allows it, AZO or pyridium tablets - over the counter urinary relief pills, not heavy pain meds, this has helped me.

Hopefully, the doctor will have helpful suggestions to increase comfort.


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3 years 8 months ago #52904 by Cynthia
It sounds like you guys have had a long day. I see your husband has a TURB coming up at the middle of this month you will know a lot more after that. I have never heard of the bladder capacity issue you are describing just from bladder cancer but I am not a doctor. You had talked of a second opinion are you close to a major hospital? A second opinion is always a good idea as a reality check. If you post your state we might have a few suggestions. Hang in there before you get a firm diagnosis is sometimes the hardest part.

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3 years 8 months ago #52903 by djb2005
My husband went to Urologist this morning to get the catheter removed in hopes that his bladder volume would have improved after the first cystocopy 2 1/2 weeks ago. T1 is diagnosis. He only lasted 5 hours and we had to go back and get another cath put in. The nurse said his bladder is still spasming. Such an emotional day. His cancer was at the roof of the bladder. Has anyone here have a bladder description like this? Did it stop working? What does this mean?

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