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Hi, I'm Evan

3 years 8 months ago #52633 by Jack R

Relax a bit. You have now done everything you can to deal with whatever your bladder issue may be - cancer or something else - you have identified a problem; diagnosis and treatment has started or is scheduled.

Many people here had a urinary problen a year or two before a bladder issue was finally identified. It happens, there is not much to see (or to be found) in the very ealiest stages.

As Sara said, there is nothing to do until you have a biopsy and an actual diagnosis is made. following that, you will have a treatment plan.

Bladder cancer is always the worry, although most of the time it is NOT cancer. IF it is bladder cancer, a few weeks to get a diagnosis is unlikely to make any difference. Wait for the diagnosis, then deal with the issue head on.

While I tell you to relax, I am anxiously awaiting my next biopsy to find out how the battle is going. It is just human nature. We want to actively fight this thing, but the right move is to stick with the treatment plan. There are a number of options for treating bladder cancer, and the success rate is very high when caught early.

Hug your kid(s), continue on enjoying life, and be ready for the diagnosis and treatment plan. Let us know how it goes.


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3 years 8 months ago #52632 by sara.anne
Welcome, Evan! We hope you don't stay, but...???? Most of my advice will have to wait until after your TURB (transurethral resection of the bladder) when the urologist will look closely at the lesions, remove as much of them as he can, and send them to the pathologist for examination. While the urologist may have a pretty good idea of what might be going on, he really won't know exactly until the path report comes back. Sometimes this takes a week or so.

IF there is a tumor, and IF it has not invaded the muscle wall, your treatment plan will depend upon whether the tumor(s) are low grade (slow growing) or high grade (rapidly dividing). If they are low grade and non-invasive, there may be no more treatment. If they are high grade and non-invasive, your urologist may prescribe a series of immunotherapy treatments.

IF the tumor has invaded the muscle wall, the urologist would probably recommend bladder removal. A partial removal is very unlikely and is only usually done in certain relatively rare types of bladder cancer.

You also should know that in most cases of bladder cancer very effective treatments are available and patients can live long, productive, and good lives.

For now, you should only worry about what you KNOW....there appears to be some lesions in the bladder and, until the biopsies are done and the path report is in your hands, you won't know whether it IS cancer and if it is what all the permutations might be.

I should probably tell you to relax and not worry, but I know that this isn't possible. But worrying about specifics can wait.

Wishing you all the best

Sara Anne

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3 years 8 months ago #52631 by Evan_Walsh
Hi everyone, I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share my story. Hoping to pick up some valuable information from any of you willing to share.

So my urologist called me this morning and informed me that they found two lesions on the inside of my bladder and I will need to have them removed in two days. Sure you can relate to the way I'm feeling right now- scared, shocked, not knowing what will happen or what the final outcome will be. I'm trying to be strong not just for myself but for my family, I am a 40-year-old male, son, husband and father. Everyone is trying to have a positive outlook on this but it's difficult when everything is still relatively unknown.

My story begins approximately three years ago when one day I started feeling a twinge in what felt like my bladder and a sudden in constant urge to urinate. Something was clearly off So I went to the Doctor who determined I had A bad case of prostatitis. He put me on Cipro and told me to come back if I had any further issues. The problem and away for about six months before it returned , This time with blood. Considering the fact that I had gross hematuria, the doctor decided it would be wise to do a full your logical exam including ultrasound of the bladder, A CAT scan of my urinary system including kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra. This would all be followed up with by first cystoscopy. All of these procedures came back negative with no indication of any issues other than a a significantly inflamed prostate, once again being diagnosed as prostatitis. Again the only symptoms I was having or blood in the urine and discomfort. I went on another round of Cipro, which seemed to alleviate all of my symptoms.

Approximately six months ago I started having blood and discomfort again during urination. Everything felt exactly the same as before, the blood was only visible towards the end of my stream and there were no other signs that would lead me to believe it was anything other than another case of prostatitis. I went back to the doctor about a month ago who put me back on Cipro and recommended I go see the urologist again for another evaluation. The urologist suggested this time he would like to do a an MRI because apparently it is better at picking up different tissues then a CAT scan. They looked at the full urinary system again and it was determined that I have two lesions inside my bladder one right by the hole leading to the urethra and prostate and another superficial lesion on another part of the bladder. The urologist said The superficial one should be easy but the larger of the two would require a little more digging. He said it was unclear looking at the MRI if it had invaded the bladder wall and he would not be able to tell until he got in there. When I asked about the prognosis he said he felt good about it but we should get it addressed immediately and was hopeful it was only isolated to the inner bladder.

Any thoughts, stories or advice that may help set my mind at ease? What happens once they remove the lesions? If they have to remove part of my bladder will it be a separate operation? Not that my bladder is prone to lesions, what do I do to prevent this from happening again?


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