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my dear mom

3 years 8 months ago #53284 by Hannah01
I am so sorry to hear the hard times your family is going through...Is atezolizumab helpful for your mom?

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3 years 8 months ago #53275 by Gil80
Did your Mom use the new drug atezolizumab and if so how did she do? My husband needs to decide by Monday

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3 years 10 months ago - 3 years 10 months ago #52848 by Alan

I wish I could answer your questions but, they are all way above my pay grade as the joke goes! That is a Higher Authority. We too have a good friend that is fighting his final battle of throat cancer. When doctors (and no one on this board are doctors) indicate they have done what they can do I have learned we need to keep everyone comfortable and as pain free as possible. Visit as much as one can. Don't be hard on yourself. All I can add is love the ones you love which is what you are doing.

DX 5/6/2008 TAG3 papillary tumor .5 CM in size. 2 TURBS followed by 6 instillations of BCG weekly with a second round of 6 after a 6 week wait.

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3 years 10 months ago #52847 by Firstborn
I have a question about my moms treatments she got while in the hospital in Oct. before she left she had a total of 30 radiation treatments and only one Chemo. because she got so sick. She has not received anymore and we did have her at home but that didn't work with her on Hospice there to much stress with family and her care. The Hospice team there at home told her she would never walk, again or go shopping again. We let them go and a few days later we had our mom in the wheel chair out at Wal mart and she did great. She got tired but she enjoyed her ride and her shopping. They kept upping her pain medication and she was on 12 hour ER of Oxycotin 40 mg every 12 hrs

She is now at a nursing home of her choice where she worked for many years and feels comfortable here. I have been here 2 days and she has only had 5 mg of Oxycodone every 4 hours and done just fine. She will get a new Hospice here and my concern is the pain medication. But also I am wondering how much the treatments she did get help her is my biggest question. She isn't in near as much pain. All of her swelling in her legs went down not long after she got home and the only reason she is walking is because she hasn't had any therapy to help her. We are trying to do some on our own and so is she. She wants to walk again.

Hospice says she is declining? But I see her weak but I am not sure that it is all Cancer related. She has had so much stress with hospice and us siblings fighting. Is it possible that the treatment she did get killed or shrunk some of her cancer ? She had it in one of her kidneys that wasn't working any longer they told us. They said her cancer started in the bladder tissue in that kidney and is why they call it Bladder kidney.
It is in her sacrum bone and pelvic area . There were 3 small masses on her rib cage as well.

We seem to keep getting pulled in different directions with this Cancer. Mom doesn't want anymore treatments. And one thing that they did do for her that helped a lot, in Oct , when she was in the hospital in Tulsa, was gave her a blood transfusion because her hemoglobin was so low . She was a whole new person the next day!

On Hospice the draw back is no more doctor visits or things like that to sustain her life. I know I seem to have more questions and I do. Mine is Hospice is this the norm for Hospice ? I am wondering what to expect from this new one this week and the other is do you think the treatments she did get made a difference for her cancer?

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3 years 11 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #52796 by Alan
I like fighters! I am just sorry for what you both are going through but, you'll never regret the efforts you are doing!

I am not familiar with Oklahoma hospitals. If you are up to travel MD Anderson in Houston it is the top notch hospital and Medicare patients make up a good block of what they do-not sure of medicaid. I also remember some posters speak highly of one in Dallas however I just can't pull it out of my memory for now. Dallas NW or Dallas SW? Perhaps someone else can refresh.

DX 5/6/2008 TAG3 papillary tumor .5 CM in size. 2 TURBS followed by 6 instillations of BCG weekly with a second round of 6 after a 6 week wait.
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3 years 11 months ago #52795 by Firstborn
My mom is doing much better in some respect. We got her home after 3 weeks in the hospital. She had 30 radiation treatments and one chemo and got 3 infections. We got her to a skilled nursing facility after that to help her to walk again from being in bed for so long but after a week found that she was not getting the help she needed and was getting over medicated. So we went on to Hospice and after about 2 months and running into more medication problems now have her off Hospice. She is receiving Home Health Aid, and will get Physical Therapy twice a week. She has not walked since Oct. But can now get into the wheel chair and move around. I am thinking that the treatments helped slow down the growth of the tumors not sure but she isn't in pain like before. It is more under control and taking less pain pills. She is wanting to continue some form of treatment but we are unsure where to go now. Her insurance is Medicaid and Medicare . She lives in Oklahoma. She doesn't want to go back to Hillcrest there in Tulsa. And the CAncer center there does not take her insurance : ( The one in Atlanta Georgia does but they said she has to be walking. Mom is a strong willed woman and a fighter all the way. Any advice would be so appreciated. Thank you! Ann

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