Husband has been fighting BC for almost ten years

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My husband was diagnosed in January of 2007 with low grade urothelial bladder cancer. We were traveling in our motor home at the time so every three months we found a Urologist in some strange city for a cysto. So consequently he had a TURBT at least once or twice a year in a different hospital in a different town. Sometimes the pathology came back good, other times not so good. A Urologist in Houston, Texas gave him a dose of mitomycin C and gave the assessment of recurrent transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder. After cystos every 3 months and another Turbt or two, we went to Montana for a visit in 2010 and the Urologist there gave him another Turbt and did six weeks of BCG Treatments. From 2010 to 2012 he had cystos every three months and a couple more Turbts as we traveled. We moved to Montana in 2012 to be closer to our family and settle down so we found a wonderful Urologist in Missoula, Montana. The first visit he did a cysto and then a Turbt. Then another six weeks of BCG treatments. I should mention that the cancer has never been muscle invation. In April of 2016, another Turbt and sure enough it was high grade CIS. We were a little shocked as we had taken all this pretty lightly for ten years. Now it hit us that this was more serious than it had ever been. The Urologist suggested a RC or at least chemo/radiation, but my husband said no as he is 72 and not in the best of health so he wants to leave it in God's hands so it was another six weeks of BCG. In August he went in for another TURBT and the pathology report came back clear and no sign of cancer, but of course we realize it is a temporary thing and the nasty little creature will return. It always seems to sooner or later. We are just going to enjoy the time we have. The Urologist said there is not much hope unless he has the RC or at least the chemo/radiation, but our family respects his decision. I have read many comments on your forum and just felt I had to add our story to the many others. Maybe the fact that we were so naive for the last ten years wasn't a bad thing!!! We certainly have wonderful memories of our travels.

Bless you all and thank you.

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