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Confused about flank pain

4 years 2 months ago #51779 by purrrkat
I don't have bladder cancer but have had many UTIs/bladder issues most of my life. I often get flank pain, and only in one case was it significant (UTI ascended to kidneys).

I've had many instances where the flank pain has brought me to the doctor, and a cause has never been found.

My understanding is that a CT with contrast is specifically ordered to look at the kidneys and ureters when a urinary tract issue is suspected, and is very specific for finding tumors and calcification in these areas. The fact that yours was clear, I would think, suggests the bladder cancer has not spread there. But I certainly understand your trepidation.

Take care, and please keep us posted.
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4 years 2 months ago #51778 by sara.anne
Questions such as this need to be addressed to you doctor; even if we WERE doctors, it would be hard to diagnose on-line! :laugh: However, in my un-doctor opinion, I would doubt very much that this is due to bladder cancer. It is much more likely to be muscle spasms or stress.

Sara Anne

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4 years 2 months ago #51776 by Wichobel
I have the same pain I did a sonogram cat scan and nothing founded. I asked my doctor and he said it is nothing. I know that we must be suggested about cancer. Good luck with you results. Let us know them.

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4 years 2 months ago #51773 by mbmccauley
I'm a little confused about flank pain I'm experiencing. For the past couple of weeks I've been experiencing some bothersome pain - left side of my back. Not bad, but bothersome and difficult to sit still. I read that this is usually associated with advanced bladder cancer. My tumor us relatively small; 2cm, diagnosed last week. During cystoscopy the doctor expressed some concern about the size of the flora, that this could indicate deeper roots, but we won't know until the pathology comes back a couple of weeks after the TURBT, which us next Thursday the 18th. CT with contrast, which led to my initial diagnosis shows no spread, lymphs clear as are the surrounding tissue and kidneys, except for a small cyst on top of my left kidney which was found a couple of years ago during an ultrasound. So just wondering the experience of others in this forum with flank pain.

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