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Hope you and your hubby found your way to a proper diagnosis. Yes 5 cm. is large, but may still be superficial. Your best bet is to find a doc who specializes in bladder cancer at a large teaching hospital. Best of luck.

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5 years 7 months ago #51078 by PragmatistWife
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Husband had significant blood in urine (fully red, not a tinge) Friday. Went to e.r. who ran test, checked kidney function which was normal. Mild UTI. Ran CT Scan which urologist on duty said showed 5cm mass in bladder/possibly clot.
5cm mass also in gallbladder possibly also clot/or cyst, or growth. At first husband said mm but is centimeter which is quite large.

There was an event 3 years ago similar, but no test were done with exception of urinalysis which showed trace amounts of blood and rx for UTI.

2.5 months ago rushed to e.r. unable to release urine due to blockage. Catheter was inserted and remained for a week until able to see urologist. All that was done that time was remove catheter, rx Flomax.

This is a contracted hospital for e.r. services which our facility does not provide in our town. After reviewing the test results from this contracted hospital the urologist (a diff. one than the last time) decided not to use this diagnostics and has ordered another set of test. Not sure why that is, I looked at the dvd and the images are very clear and I am not a radiologist.

He has already done another blood test for kidney function, but the doctor did not order a PSA or another urinalysis but the lab tech drew for that at our request and the urinalysis again came back clear?

In any case, I have been doing my own research and stumbled across this site and would love some guidance.

My husband is a big strong ex-football player type who works even if he feels like dying. Tonight he just now told me that he has a bit of pain in his lower abdomen and that it comes and goes but always attributed it digestive issues.

It's very hard to get him to advocated for himself so I am here trying to get information and maybe a bit of advice.

Thanks so much for any feedback you could provide.

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