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Not Diagnosed - Scared - Scope Weds

4 years 4 months ago - 4 years 4 months ago #51819 by Alan
While everyone's journey is different I want to relate a partly similar scenario about my wife. 20-25 years ago she also was passing small amounts of blood. Cysto showed nothing so then she goes for a retrograde pylogram looking up all the way to the kidneys. Nothing was found and eventually several weeks later it ended. Maybe she passed a stone nicking the ureters is all we could guess. I also know a couple of others that pass microscopic hematuria and they have never found out a reason. So, based on your family history I'd guess you are simply one of those rare cases that you may never find out why! That is a positive!

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4 years 4 months ago #51816 by GKLINE
I remember a while ago my wife had one of those PAP tests and the results came back as
"ABnormal Cells"!!!!

Well. She Freaked ! The Results were sent to her on a Friday Afternoon and no one could tell her anything.
Needless to say..... It was a very long weekend indeed.
On Monday she called and talked to the Dr and he advised her to calm down and relax. This is a common result and he eased her fear by saying the next procedure was easy and more conclusive. She did not have cancer.

The CT scan is a normal procedure and I have had 2 "Just to make sure"
Relax..... They are just being thorough. And that is a good thing.


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4 years 4 months ago - 4 years 4 months ago #51808 by vulsion
Thought I'd come back to update since I'm sure many people come to this site and mainly read without posting and, like me, love any updates.

Had a cystoscopy done along with an retrograde pyelogram at the same time under anesthesia. Right after doctor told me everything was clear and to come back if the tingling in penis returns. Since then, I still kept feeling the tingling at the tip of penis and eventually my urology said I had prostatis based on my symptoms. Gave me a months worth of antibiotics/anti-inflammations pills. It has been been under control even though my prostate is of normal size.

Fast forward to today, went in for a follow up with urologist for the prostatis. Advised him everything is fine and very minimal and under control. Before my cystoscopy/retrograde pyelogram, they send me urine out for culture and it came back "ATYPICAL "UNCONCLUSIVE" on the results which no one told me about. When I went back in June, they sent it out again and came back with the same thing. Today he said he will send it out again just in case, but wants me to do a CT SCAN WITH CONTRAST in the next month or 2 to double check and make sure everything is alright since scope was clear and they went up the ureters already. I mean I did the scope and even had the pyelogram. They only want do this because I still have microscopic hematuria showing still and the urine result obviously from this past June again. Urologist says not to worry, he just wants to be safe and the correct testing was already completed end of last April. Is this a cause of concern based on the urine test being that I had done most of the correct testing already?

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4 years 8 months ago #51084 by DougG
Sounds like you have been through a rough time. How did your scope turn out on Wednesday?
Best wishes,
Anita & Doug

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4 years 8 months ago - 4 years 8 months ago #51073 by vulsion
I am a 29 year old male. I've had microscopic hematuria since I could remember which was 16. Both my parents have had it their entire lives. Originate from eastern Europe. Doctors never made it much of an issue and had an ultrasound done years ago that was clean other than some small gallstones.

2 months ago was dealing gallbladder pain, they did an ultrasound on that and surrounding areas and found sludge and stone. A month ago I was dealing with possible retrograde ejaculation for about a week or so that eventually went away.

Anyways, about 3 weeks ago started having dull ache near my right testicle. Went to my GP and he thought groin strain. Advised of him retrograde, stated if it happens again he will recommend urologist. Over that weekend thought I felt a possible "lump" and called GP on Monday to prescribe ultrasound on testicle. Ultrasound was clean with trace hydrocele, nothing serious. I was paranoid and booked a urologist that same day since I was switching jobs and wanted to get things done while I had insurance. Urologist wanted to do ultrasound, advised I did it and will send results when I get them. Found microscopic blood in urine as usual. Advised I've had it practically my entire life. Wanted to do an ultrasound and schedule a scope. It freaked me out.

The next morning I went to the ER due to the dull ache on testicle and now had a tingling sensation on tip of penis. They treated me for UTI even though no infection showed in my urine. Haven't had sex in months either and know am clean in that department due to previous tests. They did an ultrasound on testicle which is the trace hydrocele and a CT scan without contrast which came back clean minus a slight fat hernia near belly button that's not serious. I felt at ease.

Couple days later the tingling sensation near tip of penis came back, Lasted about a week or so. No pain or burning when urinating, was just a constant tingling at the tip like a little bit of urine needed to come out. Hot baths relieved it. Urination normal, only went cause urinating made it feel better. During this time went to my GP and urologist. Urologist gave me cream and GP gave me AZO. Did them as necessary eventually symptoms went away cause it was driving me insane.

During all this time I switched job and gained new insurance Day 1 on my new job which was great. Urologist was in-network and after literally a week I finally scheduled a scope to be done this Wednesday just so I can see if anything is going on or not.

No ones brought up concern of bladder cancer during this time. I've had my prostate checked numerous times the old school way. After plenty of research myself it's freaking me out nonetheless. I mostly went to the ER knowing they would do the CT and others with results within the hours since I've had microscopic hematuria for so long. I found your forum and have read everything vigorously. You all are very positive and brave. So now I sit here freaking out for Wednesday and scared of the possibilities.

I felt the need to share. Thanks.

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