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4 years 7 months ago #50691 by Cynthia
I am so sorry that you two are not getting better news. I think some of the questions you have might be answered best by his doctors. As for the swelling in his leg have you asked them if compression hose might help or if they might have other suggestions? Radiation can often shrink cancer and help with side effects. But again ask his medical team why they are doing it and what they hope the outcome will be. As for the painful urination have you asked them if there is any type of medication that might help with the discomfort? There are some on the market that help in some cases but as we don't know the cause of the pain it would again be a question for your medical team. Resection of a Tumor or a TUR is usually done under general sedation and you are NPO before surgery. But again as we don't know what they have planned it would again be a question for your medical team. If I may make a suggestion I would make a list of your questions and make sure you get answers. Managing pain and discomfort is very important and has a huge impact on quality of life. I know this is of very little help but I wanted to let you know that we are here for you and will listen and maybe your next question might be one we can answer more fully. Please keep us updated and know we care.

Cynthia Kinsella
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4 years 7 months ago #50690 by Pat/Celeste
All of this is so complicated!
Husband has aggressive T4 bladder cancer in prostate and urethra, lymph nodes involved(biopsy done confirmed bladder cancer in lymph nodes) Bilateral ureter stents. Surgery is canceled as it cannot "cure" him and he may die.
He is on Paraplatin/Gemcitabine 4th cycle and radiation will be starting soon. Lymph nodes are shrinking

Turb- Are you supposed to be NPO for it?
Radiation- Effective?
Lymphedema (in leg)- How to help it?
Burning, painful urination(no infection)- Is it here to stay?

Some questions are hard to find answers for.

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