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What a crazy Christmas!

4 years 8 months ago #50295 by Hudsongrl
OMG! Kudos for you for advicating.. I have a file on my hubbys bladder cancer too. Imagine what they might have done to him without you there. Very scary,

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4 years 8 months ago #50292 by wifeofmike
Happy Holidays to everyone!
My husband, Mike, had his RC/IC 12-7-2015. I wrote in another thread about our "adventures" with his post-op period.
He came home from the hospital around dinner time on 12-22-2015. The next day, he was fine but tired. On 12-24-2015, he would feel dizzy once in a while. Since he is diabetic, I gave him orange juice, soda, etc, anything to help raise his blood sugar. I checked his sugar and it registered 51. No way, I thought, sometimes is wrong with this meter. I checked mine (not diabetic) and mine registered 78 after eating a grilled cheese sandwich!
Well, he started getting really bad on his feet. My son called 911 because we couldn't get him on his feet to walk to the car. Rescue took him to the nearest hospital (BIG mistake). I went in the rescue with him and had my backpack with 3 folders of his medical records and his list of medications.
The ER doctor was ok. I explained about his recent surgery, gave him a list of meds and copies of recent test results. Here, since coming home, Mike really wasn't eating well. He still took his oral diabetes medication, which was an extended release pill. The ER doc gave him IV dextrose and raise his glucose levels.
Mike was then ok. Another doc comes in the ER and asked Mike if he was in pain. Mike responded no. Doc says, ok we'll give you morphine. I jumped in and said absolutely not! He's not in pain so NO pain meds.
The Endocrinologist wanted Mike to spend the night, just to monitor his blood sugar to make sure it didn't drop again.
Well, the next day a urologist comes in and wants to remove Mike's bag so he can "look at" the stents from surgery. I tell him no way, the bag is clear so look at them through the bag.
Because of all the dextrose Mike was given, his kidney functions were elevated. He does have chronic kidney disease. So now they pump him with lasix to flush the fluids out of his system because his legs were swelling. I tell the doctor that of course his kidney functions are elevated...you pump him full of dextrose which will raise his values. Then you pump him full of lasix, which will raise his values and on top of that, you give him IV antibiotics which will also raise the values!!
Another doctor tries to tell me he had a "silent heart attack" because of something on his EKG. I show her his EKGs from Fox Chase Cancer Center and from years ago. They are all the same. When he had his stroke in 2011, the doctors first noticed those changes. So I tell that doctor that there are no new changes on the ekg and give her recent heart echo and stress test.
I know this local hospital doesn't deal with patients having a urostomy, but this was crazy! I felt I knew more than the doctors!
The nephrologist wanted to do a CT Scan with contrast. I told her NO and gave her scans from one month ago. I asked her why she would want to use contrast dye on someone with kidney disease.
I had the doctor on call from my husband's doctor at Fox Chase call these doctors and tell them not to touch his kidneys, his stents or his bag.
I would go to the hospital daily with my back pack of records and extra urostomy supplies, just in case. I had to show nurses how to hook up the night bag and make sure they squeezed the JP drain and stripped the tubing when they drained it. One nurse asked me "what is stripping?"
I was so upset with that hospital and the incompetence of some of the doctors and nurses. It just re-enforced to me that I am my husband's advocate. I open my mouth and ask and tell. I have a notebook that I carry in my backpack and I would ask questions and write it down. Anytime they hung something on his IV, I would ask what it is and what its for. I would then write it down and copy the name of the drug. Some doctors aren't used to being questioned and told no.
I was in contact with the Fox Chase doctor all weekend. If he were still in the hospital by the beginning of this week, I was going to have him transferred to Fox Chase.
Thank goodness he's home now and doing great. He has a follow up appointment with his surgeon on Tuesday.

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