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Bladder infections with BCG treatment

4 years 9 months ago #50046 by sara.anne
I would assume that your urologist checks the urine prior to administering the BCG and that the infection if detected microscopically? The BCG does cause irritation to the bladder lining ...that is the whole point...which does make it somewhat more susceptible to infection.

If you are not happy with where you are being treated, you should consider a change. With bladder cancer, you will be seeing this doctor for the rest of your life!! If you let us know where you are located, someone may have a suggestion. We also have a treatment center finder linked via our home page
which might be helpful.

Sara Anne

Diagnosis 2-08 Small papillary TCC; CIS
BCG; BCG maintenance
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4 years 9 months ago #50043 by Wichobel
Hello katjabber your story looks like mine ,most of the time there are not infection, although that this is possible, I had bladder inflammation with all of the uncomfortable symptoms, urgency burning, some pain etc. I had to go to the bathroom each hour with emergency. My doctors gave me some pills named vesicare and I take them for a week and I am better. I asked the other day if my life will be "normal" and I think ours concepts will change I fell good, happy, thankful , yes our priorities change, but life goes on and we must enjoy it. I will have my cithoscopy next Thursday I am a little worried and concerned my sonogram x Ray and lab tests are ok. My life would have change, I think you are in the right way, for me sharing my doubts help a lot. Greetings

Diagnosed 01/13/2015. T1G3
1rst turb
2nd turb 02 /2015
Now 15 BCG. NED. Waiting

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4 years 9 months ago #50042 by katjabber
Hello. I was diagnosed in September of this year with T1 bladder cancer. I've had 5 of my 6 BCG treatments and am now going through my 2nd bladder infection. I've read and heard that it is fairly common although I'm not clear why. Is it due to contamination during insertion of the catheter, the BCG liquid itself or something else? Can anyone shed some light on this?

On another subject, I, too, am quite unhappy with the Urology Department of the hospital where my treatment is performed and am researching other options (if there are any).

I send best wishes to everyone here; we're on a journey on an unknown road speeding to an unknown destination. Everyone has encouraged me to be positive and just get on with my life. I have done this. Gardening was great therapy for me right after I was diagnosed. Now it's holiday planning. None of us knows if this disease will cause death, but I find it focuses me on the important things. I want to get everything right and leave nothing undone or unsaid.


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