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5 years 3 days ago #49746 by Wichobel
Thank you . I am a doctor and it is a advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Well I will be on touch thank you again

Diagnosed 01/13/2015. T1G3
1rst turb
2nd turb 02 /2015
Now 15 BCG. NED. Waiting

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5 years 3 days ago #49744 by sara.anne
Welcome to the Forum! You will find a LOT about BCG here. Especially under the topic Non-Invasive...at the very top of the discussions there are several long threads on BCG that we saved permanently there because so many of us have, or are, receiving it.

First, take a deep breath. It is very likely that there is nothing major wrong and the symptoms you are having are not uncommon. BCG is meant to cause an immune response in the bladder lining, which causes it to shed all the cancer cells there. This often results in a LOT of irritation on the bladder surface, which is probably the cause of your symptoms. Several times my BCG treatments had to be delayed because I had "BCG cystitis" or irritation in the bladder.
Fatigue is a common side effect, as you will read. The GOOD news is that these symptoms indicate that your body is taking up the challenge and that the BCG is causing immune responses in the bladder.

If the symptoms become too uncomfortable, it is possible for your doctor to reduce the dose significantly. There have been studies which show that even 1/10 the initial dose is effective. By the time I finished the entire two year regimen I was on 1/3 the initial dose. Please discuss this with your urologist.

Some patients find the treatments too uncomfortable to continue. If, after a trial with a reduced dose, the discomfort is still too much to handle, you can, of course, stop the treatments. You will still gain the advantage of the response that you are showing now.

I went through the entire series, at a reduced dose, and have now been cancer-free for over 7 years. I am so glad that I did this. The results can be well worth it!

Best of luck to you

Sara Anne

Diagnosis 2-08 Small papillary TCC; CIS
BCG; BCG maintenance
Vice-President, American Bladder Cancer Society
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5 years 3 days ago - 5 years 3 days ago #49741 by Wichobel
Hello I am 50 years old, in January I was diagnosed with bladder cancer . I was bleeding for almost 2 years. I went to a doctor an urologist I did all tests except cithoscopy , finally in January I had an tur . I had 3 tumors, one 6 cmt , the other 4 cmt and the other 3 cmt. They were G 3 tumors. I changed the doctor an cancer urologist and he repeated the TUR. One week later, there were no tumors and apparently the muscle was free. So I began with 6 dosis of BCG In March . I finished the induction in April. I felt very good. I had a cithoscopy in August and the doctor didn't find anything, so I started BCG again for three weeks. The last dosis was the last week of August . I am very worry because I still have urine disorders, like urine urgency , I go to the bathroom frecuently each hour and a half. I feel tired with some muscles pains. I went to the doctor and he told me that it is normal cause the chronic inflammation of the bladder. My next control will be the first week of December , so please give me your opinion. I am planning to do a pet scan or something, thank you.

Diagnosed 01/13/2015. T1G3
1rst turb
2nd turb 02 /2015
Now 15 BCG. NED. Waiting

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