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rheumatologist, nephrologist now urologist!!

5 years 1 month ago #49347 by 4loves
Thank you for your response. I had my appointment with the urologist today and she has ordered a CT scan and a cystoscopy. My cystoscopy is scheduled for OCT 15th and I'm in the process of scheduling the CT scan. We'll see :/

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5 years 1 month ago #49300 by Flamenco.
First, take a deep breath,there are a mountain of reasons why you could have high protein levels in urine, one of which is stress. Ditto for blood in urine- but there is no question that you should continue on with the process of trying to find the cause. And don·t fool yourself into thinking you can go about your life as if nothing is wrong, being in denial about a possible problem will not make it go away.The not knowing, as you have found is exhausting, and the best way to stop this exhaustion is to know what the problem is and go about your life with a treatment plan in place . You sound as if your medical team are quite on the ball, and hopefully the urologist may be able to pinpoint what the reason is and how to tackle it . Good luck and please let us know how you go on with the cystoscopy.

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5 years 1 month ago #49292 by 4loves
It started approx August of 2013 when I was 22 weeks pregnant. During a routine visit they discovered protein in my urine at which point they began to monitor me closely for any possible complications. Yay!! In January I delivered my last baby healthy and beautiful. Unfortunately, the protein did not go away. At this point nobody seemed concerned and the doctor explained that some people spill protein. Fast forward a year later I am in my General Prac dr's office and she informs me that I have blood and protein in my urine. I also have hair loss going on so after she runs a lupus test (lupus test number 2) she sends my to a rheumatologist who runs lupus test number 3; all negative. My 24 hr urine shows that I have 405mlg , 3 times the norm. She then sends me to the nephrologist who orders a renal ultrasound and blood panel. I appear healthy, slightly anemic and the ultrasound revealed a swollen urethra. I am now scheduled to see the urologist for consult and scheduling of a cystoscopy. I'm nervous , scared, overwhelmed and consumed with what could be wrong. This process has exhausted me and I'm ready to just stop the madness and go about my life as if nothing is wrong.

How abnormal is it to have blood in your urine for 1 plus year(s)? Should I continue on with this process? Is 405mlg of protein significant for ongoing test? Confused and tired.

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