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understanding results of FISH test

4 years 11 months ago #49211 by SmithRBOH
Hello Everyone,

I was hoping to get some insight on the results of a FISH test.

a quick background - gross hematuria 3 months ago, MRI negative showed cyst on kidney, Cytoscopy negative but doctored noted slightly enlarged prostate. After scope gave the all clear sign - nothing to worry about

then a month later calls me and tells me a test came back positive.

FISH test has 5/100 on chromosomes 3, 6,7 and 20 (I think - doing that from memory).

5/100 is considered borderline positive. Today I returned to submit another sample for a second test about 1 month from the last one.

1. Is it possible that my numbers go down to a negative range?
2. What is the range of numbers that doctors see as a result of the FISH test? Where is 5/100 in that range?
3. If the second test comes back positive, should I assume the FISH test is putting me in the category of "Anticipatory" for short term development?

would welcome first hand experiences on this.

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