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Pathology Report

5 years 7 months ago #48862 by Hudsongrl
Really sorry you had to through all that to see a uro. That being said, i'm glad you are getting good treatment now!

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5 years 8 months ago #48755 by b2015
May 1, 2015, got the 0.5cm and 2cm tumors removed from bladder. Doc said that 2cm tumor could be little aggressive and that she removed extra tissue to rule out presence of cancerous cells. Pathology report will take 5 business days, I'll know on Monday 11th its results. The wait feels like playing the lottery or casino machines!
Diagnostics prior to surgery: urine cytology turned out negative; clinical diagnosis was papillary tumors, 0.5 cm tumor located in bladder's anterior wall; 2 cm was in bladder's trigone; right ureter needed a stent (which I already have, will be removed on May 11th)
Symptoms I had: October 2014: first blood clot, ignored it, thought it was just being a female; November 2014: few more blood clots, went to gynecologist for well-woman exam, no comment about UTI, or urine test, or something going on in the bladder, doc said he was treating symptoms; December 2014: no symptoms at all; January 2015: urine with intermittent blood, called another gynecologist, saw him next day; January 2015: UTI with Nitro antibiotic, UTI disappeared. February 2015: follow-up, urinalysis strip normal; however, that night, I saw orange blood in urine; February 2015: gyn's nurse called leaving a message in voicemail "you have to pick up a Bactrim prescription", I called "what I going on?", nurse: "we sent your urine for culture and you still have the infection", my reply "no wonder I saw blood in the urine last night", Bactrim prescribed for 10-days. Friday, March 13th: finished Bactrim. March 13th-March 19th: no blood in urine; March 20th: blood came back in urine, lots of it! Saturday, March 21st: saw NP at my GP office, urinalysis strip was cloudy and had blood (obviously, after bleeding for several days), she sent urine for another culture, no antibiotic prescribed until knowing what kind of bacteria I had. The bleeding continued through my birthday accompanied by frequent urination and burning. March 25th (my birthday, bleeding non-stop) went to GP office, he was off, I saw same NP who said "I know the bleeding is alarming because you are not used to this, but in women it happens all the time". Of course, this did not comfort me, I added "I'd like to see a urologist", NP "let's wait until UTI clears out". Cipro was prescribed, it stopped bleeding within 1 1/2 day, but frequent urination continued. Called GP's office to see a urologist (finally!). Saw urologist beginning of April, ordered CAT scan which showed no tumor. He said CAT scans only reveal larger tumors.
This is my story, so far, I hope it will help many to opt for a urological examination when women find blood in the urine.

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5 years 8 months ago #48753 by Cynthia
It probably means that the pathologist had a light work load. 5 days is a pretty good turn around for many pathology department. The good news is that you will know for sure by tomorrow something or nothing if something how big of a something? This might make getting to tomorrow easier. Remember three quarters of bladder cancers are none invasive and treatable Nothing I say will take away your feelings you are experiancing the waiting is terafying, I know this fact personally. But I can tell you three things one is for most bladder cancer is survivable, it may not be easy but it is doable. For most even if invasive life goes on and returns to normal. And we are here if you need us.

Make sure you ask for a copy of your your pathology report Also ask for a blank release form for medical records if you think you will be getting a second opinion. You can always scan it and email it back if you have a way to do so.

Please let me know how it goes, I will be thinking of you.

Cynthia Kinsella
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5 years 8 months ago #48752 by b2015
Hello, my urologist told me to wait 5-business day for the 0.5 cm tumor and the 2cm tumor and tissue underneath removed, both removed from my bladder.
Today, her nurse called stating that report was ready to see her tomorrow. That was only 2-business days after I had the outpatient TURBT procedure done 4-days ago.
My question is, what does it mean that report was ready so quickly? Doc office wouldn't give me tumor and grade type over the phone even after calling her office three times to request that info.
Your help will be appreciated!

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