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Moving in June 2015

5 years 4 months ago #48725 by CatherineH
Hello and welcome to our forum. You will be moving to east TN at a very pretty time of year. I'm sorry you're dealing with your recent diagnosis and that you've had this delay in getting your BCG treatment started.

I am in the sister city of Bristol, VA. I wish I could recommend a doctor, but I have not been treated by any uro's in the Tri-Cities since the initial TURBT in 2010. My ob/gyn first found my tumor and sent me to a local uro who removed it. When he got the path report back and saw that it was one of those "rare" ones, he referred me to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. I have gone back there for every one of my follow-up checks.

When I go back to Vanderbilt in October, if all is still clear, my uro/surgeon said he thinks it's time to stop the yearly CT scans to reduce my radiation exposure after nearly six years of scans. I'm not sure I want to drive 300 miles just for a cysto so I may look for a uro in Knoxville. It's only a couple of hours from here.

Another forum member, DougG, is near Knoxville and his doctor (or professional group) would be my first choice for someone more "local" than Nashville for my cystos and monitoring. If I ever need surgery again, I will go back to VB. I'm not saying there aren't any good uro's in the Tri-Cities... I just don't have any personal knowledge of their experience level. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

Hope your move goes smoothly,

Best wishes... Catherine
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5 years 4 months ago #48720 by sara.anne
This BCG shortage is really causing some problems. Sorry it had to hit you also.

I do know that one of our members, Catherine, has been receiving her treatments (not BCG...she had a rather complicated cancer) at Vanderbilt in Nashville and has been very happy with the care that she has received there. I know that she drives almost half a day to get there and considers it well worth the effort.

If you have high grade bladder cancer you do not want to "fool around." You need to be treated by someone who sees a large number of bladder cancer patients and it up on the latest treatments. Unfortunately, this is not true of most urologists. They see, and treat, mostly men with prostate issues and are NOT experts in bladder cancer.

A second opinion is something that you obtain from a center with real expertise in whatever disease you are experiencing. It is NOT just seeing a second doctor. Wherever you end up in the beautiful state of Tennesee, be sure that the urologist you select is someone in whom you have confidence, someone you can relate to (you will be "friends" for a long time, and someone with real expertise in the treatment of bladder cancer.

Good luck to you

Sara Anne

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5 years 4 months ago #48717 by rfletch6
Just diagnosed with noninvasive superficial bladder cancer. Path report called it high grade.

We are moving from AZ to northeast TN in June. My current Urologist said that I should get BCG treatments but that BCG was on backorder and I probably be moved before he could start the treatments.

I am looking for recommendations on a Urologist in the Tri-cities area of TN. That is Johnson City, Kingsport and Bristol. Since the BCG is on backorder I would like to get on some Doctors list in TN to get the BCG ordered so I don't have to wait until we move to get on the list. If that makes any sense?

I have not looked for a second opinion but figured which ever doctor I get in TN will end up being the second opinion.

I will really appreciate any suggestions/recommendations and thanks for taking time to read.

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