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This is my second post to the forum and my husband now had his 2nd Turbt surgery. We got his biopsy report back last week and he is a Stage 1/ high grade. We were happy that it was only a Stage 1. We thought it may be a higher stage due to the fact he had been peeing blood for 7 years. Consider him blessed! The tumor was just maintained inside his bladder, it has not spread. BCG treatments will start 4/3. 6 rounds of treatments.

My concern now with my husband is the pain he's having when he is sometime depressed because of this disease. It also has caused some erectile dysfunction, which is a big problem that he is trying to deal with. The dr. knows this but has said no more on what to do about it. So, when my husband is under stress or is depressed he has these bad pains (only at night). They are so excruciating that I want to take him to the emergency room. I almost called EMS last night. But he refuse to go because he's afraid of anymore bad news. To describe his pain, it seems like its touching a nerve because he's shaking in bed and moaning to screaming. He also is holding his chest which is where his pain is also, that worries me also because the dr. said there is some hardening in his arteries and need to get it checked out by our family dr. I told him I don't want him to have a heart attack, but still refuse to get this checked out. I feel helpless just watching him endure all this pain. But is this something he still should be feeling after the dr has already removed the tumor?

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So sorry to hear about your husband's problems. Patients often have some pain or discomfort after a TURB, but not as much as you report. Your husband really needs to discuss the pain with the urologist who can probably help with it.

As for the other issues, of course your husband is depressed with his diagnosis, although it couldn't be much better and there is a plan in place to deal with it. Depression is common after we are hit with such a blow...CANCER! I remember that my urologist and GP wondered if I wasn't depressed and I became somewhat angry with them...OF COURSE I WAS DEPRESSED....DIDN'T I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE?
I needed to "wallow" in it for a while.

Your husband DOES need to see his primary care doctor also. He and the urologist should work together on this and, as you state, your husband may have other issues going on. Your husband should realize that his bladder cancer has been diagnosed in a relatively early stage...treatments which can be very successful are pending, and he is relatively lucky. Of course he does not recognize this and I cannot really offer much more to help you convince him.

It is also important for you to take care of yourself. This is going to be a long trip together and he will be needing you to lean on

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