May have bladder cancer - scared

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May have bladder cancer - scared was created by SpecialExport
I am starting to get a little freaked out. Male 55 and nonsmoker. So here is my story:

12/08/14: Going #2, strained to much, moderate pain in urethra, gross (lots) blood in urine most of day thereafter; no blood seen in urine since then

12/09/14: Urinalysis indicated blood and UTI (antibiotic prescribed)

12/26/14: Extreme pain in anus area woke me up in bed and subsided in about 2 hours; assumed it was prostrate infection as I have had these in the past (more antibiotic prescribed but I do not think is was prostatitis based on past experience)

01/12/15: Saw urologist, prostrate felt normal, no blood in urine, scheduled CT scan with and without contrast as a precaution

02/23/15: CT scan normal; office cystoscopy performed in office, bladder lesion found (only one); he said it looked like maybe a polyp broke off (??); he never mentioned it looked like cancer; left office in a daze

03/04/15: Outpatient cystoscopy with retrograde pyelogram with possible biopsy

Also, I have occasional burning after peeing; plus a few times a year I get acute pain through the urethra after peeing that lasts a few seconds then goes away.

Thanks for listening. Any advice is appreciated.

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6 years 2 months ago - 6 years 2 months ago #48348 by Alan
Replied by Alan on topic May have bladder cancer - scared
Sorry you are here but, glad you found us Has your URO scheduled a biopsy for the "polyp" that broke? CT scan, cysto are all normal protocols but, a TURB (transurethral resection of the bladder) is a missing piece and essential with pathology evaluation. IF this isn't being done get another URO. You want one that see LOTS of bladder cancer as so many do mostly prostate problems. Even with one TURB most on this board will tell you a second is often standard. This is a sneaky disease.

DX 5/6/2008 TAG3 papillary tumor .5 CM in size. 2 TURBS followed by 6 instillations of BCG weekly with a second round of 6 after a 6 week wait.

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6 years 2 months ago #48355 by MadLove
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Dear SpecialExport,

My 52 year old non-smoker husband shares a similar timeline. He was treated 12-22-14 for a suspect UTI due to pain and blood with urination. CT scans and cystoscopy were done in January 2015. A large mass was observed by the local urologist in our rural county. The initial TURBT was scheduled for 03-04-15 when the doctor returned from a planned absence.

In the meantime, we saw a new doctor at a major cancer center located a quick two hours one way drive from home. While there, the doctor even worked in another cystoscopy. The TURBT is now scheduled for 03-11-15 at Johns Hopkins.

Switching to the new doctor has given me peace of mind. In the first 29 years with my husband, I've been the "what about" worrier and warrier in tight spots. As we face this new challenge, I'm going to (try hard) to let go of (most of) the worry because of the expertise in medical care.

I'm further convinced that switching to a new doctor specializing in bladder cancer is the right thing for my family based on new tumors observed 02-24-15 that weren't there 01-29-15. I have confidence the pathology from Johns Hopkins will not under stage the cancer and the optimum treatment plan will be pursued.

Many forum contributors advocate getting a second opinion from a major cancer center. There's a posting with something like getting a second opinion is not optional in the title that might be beneficial to read.

I'll be thinking about you on 03-04-15.

Husband's journey:
01/2015 1st cystoscopy
03&04/2015 TURBTs-CIS
07/2015 Finished BCGx6
08/2015 biopsy-BENIGN!
10/2015 Finished BCGx3
12/2015 Cysto, redness
01/2016 TURBT, Benign
04/2016 Cysto
05/2016 Finished BCGx3
07&11/2016 Cysto's
1/2017 Finished BCGx3
2/2017 Cysto, redness
3/2017 TURBT, Cysto due 9/2017

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