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Newly diagnosed stage 2 grade 3

5 years 10 months ago #48408 by Sneckie
I have started my treatment at Hopkins thanks to all in this forum pushing for second opinions. On my first trip there I had blood work done a echo done on my heart met with my urologist and my oncologist. They explained everything and recommended treatment plan. I went back yesterday and attended a chemo class also had a power port I planted in my chest. I will start my chemo on Thursday the 12 th I will be getting MVAC chemo every 2 weeks for 3 cycles. If anyone has had MVAC chemo I was wondering about side effects from it and will I be able to work during treatments. I'm in the service industry and do some lifting and a lot of driving. I think I'm leaning toward the Neobladder diversion at this point but still researching options.

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5 years 10 months ago #48335 by Cynthia
Sneckie, Sorry you have to be here but welcome to our forum. I was diagnosed 48 with Stage 2 Grade 3 w/CIS. That was in 2004 it has been a journey but I am here happy and living a full life. We will be here to share your journey let us know if you can help. It sounds like you have it in order you are going to one of the best place for blc in the US. I know it is overwhelming right now but know it can get back to your new normal and life can be about more than cancer again.

Cynthia Kinsella
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5 years 10 months ago #48334 by Sneckie
Hello I had my first turbt on 1/21/2015 and my Dr thought it was invasive we got the pathology back at stage 1 grade 3. I had my second turbt on 2/09/2015 and the results were the same but my Dr was still thinking it was in the muscle I had my pathology slides sent to Johns Hopkins and the the first turbt results came back stage 2 grade 3. I haven't gotten the results of the second one yet. I have now decided to transfer to Hopkins for all treatment since the BCG is now out and and have an appointment on 3/3/15 with both urologist and oncologist the same day. My previous Dr and I met and decided this would be my best option since I have family that works at Hopkins and could get me in quick. The hard part now is waiting for my appointment to find out the next step. I am having my cat scans done again this week before seeing my new Dr at Hopkins. I've been reeding the forums for a few weeks so I have some idea what is next but will wait for them to review all previous care. My new Dr has talked with the old one so he may be quick with how he wants to proceed. The change in staging caught me off guard as I had all my BCG treatments scheduled and was hoping to keep moving on with my bladder intact since I just turned 53 last week

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