Taking Charge if possible?

6 years 5 months ago #48328 by Jay
Taking Charge if possible? was created by Jay
I had my first BCG treatment on January 5th and then got notified that the shortage had hit and my treatments would have to wait until more BCG was obtained. I was fortunate, I had already "upped" my insurance coverage when I was able to in December to become effective the 1st of the year. This allowed me more choices to be made with better coverage, not knowing anything about BCG shortages. I had no plans of changing the office where my first BCG had been performed, but as of January 12th when I was suppose to get my second one, I got concerned. As stated on this forum numerous times, BCG treatments sometimes get delayed for infections and things.

The only reason this posts came to being today, I just got a call from my original BCG office that the shipment arrived and treatment can start back up. If I had not taken charge of things, I would have been waiting since January 5th until now, or when they would have scheduled me for the second treatment!

I did quite a bit of digging upon what insurance goes where, how, when and had to go back a few times to get a "correct" answer! No fooling, sometimes what information you get at first, might not be what it really is.

I'm hoping no one is going through what I may have gone through waiting for BCG to arrive, hopefully if there is another shortage, this may help some of you. I'm now getting my 6th BCG this coming Monday and then the waiting continues.

Good luck to all, this forum is a wealth of information!!! Jay

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