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Husband has been peeing blood for seven years!!

5 years 11 months ago #48179 by GKLINE
MEN !!! And I am one, so I can say it too.

Your husband is DAMN lucky! Instead of knocking wood..... Touch him instead! He is one lucky guy! And let's hope his luck holds and the cancer stays superficial and his margins read "cancer free" or in Dr speak... Negative.

Sara Ann knows her stuff and gave you a very good flow chart of what to expect. You can count on her.

And from now on......... When your husband waffles about checkups..... hit him in the head and say "You coulda had cancer!" (takoff on the V8 adds)

Good Luck!


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5 years 11 months ago #48161 by hollywd51
Thanks so much! Your information helped me out a lot. We both want to know what we're going to be dealing with. Thanks again.

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5 years 11 months ago #48151 by sara.anne
MEN!!! Oh well, women do this also. My sister-in-law's mother had a lump in her breast for YEARS but was "afraid it might be cancer" so she didn't do anything about it. Need I say that her story did NOT have a happy ending?

The urologist is doing exactly what he should be doing. Very often during the first TURB he doesn't know exactly the extent of things. During the second, he has a much better idea of where additional samples need to be taken for pathology.

Usually, when urologists discuss bladder cancer, they do not use the usual stages in the description. It is either "low grade" (very slowly growing) or "high grade" (with rapidly dividing cells and more likely to spread quickly.) They will also tell you if it is has invaded the lamina propera (the next layer in the bladder) or the muscle. One reason for a second TURB is that the urologist may not have taken a deep enough sample to check these.

"Superficial" is not really descriptive of how dangerous it may be. This just means that, as of now, it appears to be growing out of the top layers of the bladder surface, either like a little mushroom or a rash, and it can still be high grade.

During the TURB the urologist removes as much of the tumor as he can, but the primary purpose is to get samples to send for analysis by the pathologist. Only when the pathology report comes back will he...and you...be sure what you are dealing with. It is also probable that your urologist will do a wash of the bladder after the TURB...probably with Mitomycin A...just as a precaution.

If the tumor is low grade there probably will not be any more treatments right now. Your husband will be scheduled for frequesnt checkups, usually every three months for about two years. If things stay the same, he will then graduate to every six months until 5 years total have passed and then once a year forever.

If the tumor is high grade, the doctor will probably prescribe BCG treatments. BUT there is no reason to be concerned about this until you have the final report from the last TURB. Be sure that your husband asks to have a copy of the pathology report and have the doctor go over it with him.

We will try to answer any questions you may have, and good luck to both you and your naughty husband!

Sara Anne

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5 years 11 months ago #48150 by hollywd51
My husband just told me Oct 2014 that he has been peeing blood for seven years. I was in complete shock that he kept this from me for so long. It took me 2 weeks to get him to the dr finally. After test and more test he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He was scheduled for TURBT surgery the following week and now scheduled again for TURBT surgery to do some more shaving of the bladder and medication inside his bladder. The doctor never told us his stage of the cancer but that it is superficial. I am worried on what to expect later after the surgery and if he is going to be okay. I found this support forum and it makes me feel better that I can reach out to anyone with any questions or answers I may have.

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