Anyone else experience this?

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I was diagnosed 1/13 at age 44 with high grade t1. Consider myself healthy, active, non-smoker, no chemical exposure, exercised regularly, and ate healthy for the most part and not overweight. Looking back about 2 years prior to diagnosis, noticed myself losing energy, gaining weight and had no stamina. Would try to workout mornings, but just felt too tired. Never took a nap in my life, but during afternoons I could hardly stay awake! Had infrequent blood in urine, but passed it off to over exercise or fatigue. Had flank pain so went to kidney doc thinking it might be a stone. After tests, x-rays, MRI, and no stones, ended up at urologist. Urologist did some checks and tests and decided that it was a case of prostasis. At that time he wanted to do a Cysto but I declined. Hind site, I should have, but at the time I didn't see a need for such an invasive procedure. Left, got some meds, blood cleared up-ish and things were looking better. About 8 months later starting feeling worse and blood was more frequent. Put going back to urologist off as long as I could until pain, blood, and urge to p was unbearable. Made an appointment thinking I was going back in for more meds to clear up an infection, but when I gave them my urine sample, the doc took me in right away for cysto. So, I did the cysto... As soon as he went in he said; "you have cancer". Next day I was in surgery. Fortunately I hadn't waited too long and cancer was close to, but hadn't gone to muscle. Have been doing BCG treatments and so far no recurrence. Next month go for 2 yr cysto. Before and post surgery have noticed more frequent and more sudden urge to p. Seems like it's increased in the past couple months, but I may just be paranoid. Normally up 2-3 times at night no matter how much I drink or when I stop drinking before bed. Daytime really no different. Work my day schedule around bathroom breaks. Anyone else experience this pre/post surgery? Recurrence?

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Sorry to welcome you here.
Your complaint is super common. It seems as if anytime you do anything with your bladder(even a cysto)it upsets the apple cart and you "just have to go"
Now I am not a Dr but I think in layman's terms that it causes the sphincter to go crazy. Mine has been going crazy for the last 6 years.
i don't mean to make fun, but yours is a common complaint that we all seem to have. I know it is a very real issue and I have talked to the Dr about it a number of times and he says I have to do keegles and keep a schedule.

I know this doesn't help much, but it is nice to know that you are not alone.


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Sorry but i don't suffer with this problem in my life but i heard this thing from many of the people

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