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Hello all,

I've stumbled across this site while searching the internet (yeah I know, probably not a good idea) on bladder cancer. I'll give you a brief overview of my story:

I am a 32 year old husband and father of three girls 10,5 and 1! I love them all very much! A couple weeks ago I had small amounts of blood come out after I urinated. This scared me so I made an appointment at my uro who was recommended to my wife by her gyno. Apparently, he is highly recommended by many other doctors as well. I only know this by word of mouth with other patients while sitting in the waiting room because its a looooong wait to see him.

I previously seen this uto in 2009 due to pain in my testicle area which he said can sometimes because by something in the kidney hitting a nerve that is shared by the testicles. He was thinking kidney stones since my sister had them. At the time, I was only 26 and not really worried about my health and the pain stopped. The uro called to schedule an appointment to go over the results but I thought, "If it was bad, they would tell me." I was busy with a new child so I never went back.

This time, while seeing the uro, he said that in 09 I had NO stones but did have a very small growth on my right kidney. I also have microscopic blood in my urine (which I knew, that's why I was there). NOTE: In 2005 or 2006 I was told by my general doctor (no longer seeing) that there was a little bit of blood in my urine but not enough to worry him.

So, off to CT scan I went and then this time, I went back in for my results. Although, before my appointment, I slapped the CT images disk into my computer and had a look. Since I didn't know what I was looking at all I could see is that on one of the images, it looked like the contrast did not make it all the way down my right ureter and into my bladder. I was worried about that. I also could see the growth on my right kidney.

I went in for the results and the uro said the growth had doubled in size but still wasn't very big. He said that it was benign because there was no blood flowing through it. He also said that I did not have a blockage in my ureter even though the picture looked like it. He did say that he wanted to check my bladder to look for a blockage or in my mind, he wanted to check for a tumor to explain the blood in the urine.

During the cystoscopy he and I saw a small tumor inside my bladder. The doctor said it was small but in his words, "I think this might actually be a tumor." I asked, "cancer?" and he said, "yes."

I have a surgery scheduled to remove the tumor on 12/31/2014.

I have never been so scared in my life. Losing all the things I love, MY FAMILY have been terrifying me ever since. It is very difficult to work as I work nights and all I do is wonder if I will lose them all. I can't imaging my children growing up without their dad. They are my world. I look back at all the times I didn't eat dinner at the dinner table with them instead eating while being busy with my things. The walks I didn't take, the church services missed and so on. Its hard not to think about those things. I'm just so lost.

I know I shouldn't read a lot because the internet isn't always so accurate lol! Most things I read say that a benign bladder tumor is rare. It seems like its always malignant. Is that really so? I know my uro doesn't know its cancer until the path report but is it likely he's almost positive and that's why he said yes? Or is he just being careful of what he says? Should I be worried about the image that doesn't show the contrast going all the way to the bladder on my right kidney even though he said he knows what picture I'm talking about and there is NO blockage? Should I be worried that the kidney growth (his report to my doctor said cyst) be cancer. How can they really know without a biopsy (he says because CT shows no blood through it)? Uro's report to my doctor said CT showed my bladder was perfect. Then why didn't this tumor show up on CT scan?

Sorry for rambling, just very worried. This Christmas has been terrible.


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Travis, it IS frightening, I know. And yes, the probability of a tumor in the bladder being cancer is high. But you won't know for sure until after the results of the biopsy are in.

IF it is bladder cancer, the most likely type is a low grade, mushroom-like growth coming out of the bladder lining. The urologist will take it out along with enough adjacent tissue to allow the pathologist to determine the properties of the tumor and whether it is localized or spread.

If it is indeed a low grade tumor that has not spread, you will be in good shape.
The treatment will likely be just to have exams every three months to be sure it doesn't come back.

There is a lot of GOOD information on the internet. The important thing now is first to be sure the web sites you are consulting are reputable...not selling supplements or treatments, for example. And, of course, there is always the danger of "information overload." Once you have a definite diagnosis you will be better able to figure out what your questions might be.

All of us have "been there, done that" and are here to answer any questions you have and also do a bit of "hand holding."

Please let us know what your tests show...

Sara Anne

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Your story sounds a lot like mine except I was 39 when my problems started. I had my surgery the day before Thanksgiving in 2010 with a 7 and 3 year old child at home on my mind. The good news is it was non invasive and hasn't come back. At the time I was expecting the worse, but that hasn't been the case for me. It's good to research your options, but you also have to be careful. There's a lot of misinformation and biased research out there. It will drive you crazy if you let it. Just like doing research on any other subject, you have to consider the source and consider what the authors objective is.

You won't know for sure what you're dealing with until after the surgery. The good news is if it's cancer it will most likely be non invasive and very treatable. That's the assumption you go with until proven otherwise. After the surgery the doctor will go over you pathology report with you. The next move depends on what is in the report. That will also be a good time to go for a 2nd opinion the verify the diagnosis and treatment.

Renal cysts are not something I'm very familiar with. Myself, I would want a 2nd opinion for that diagnosis as well. When you get your 2nd opinion for the bladder cancer this could be discussed as well. I don't think renal cysts/tumors are routinly biopsied. If a problem is suspected removal of the cyst/tumor is usually suggested (ie partial or total nephrectomy). Then again they may choose to watch the problem spot and monitor it's size if it's small and slow growing. Once again it's OK to do some research, but don't get too far ahead of yourself.

Enjoy your holidays with your family and know the odds are in your favor for a long life. Get your surgery done and plan your next move according to the results. If you get stuck on something or need advise on how to proceed don't be afraid to ask. There are a lot of people here with a lot of experience to draw from. Good Luck!

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This is going to be very easy for me to say..... Very hard for you to do


And do it again! And again. And again!


Slow down that mind that has you "Dead and Gone" Already.

Easy for me to say Huh?

Like others here....... We are STILL Here! We want you to be here for years to come. And Most likely..... You will be.
I've said this a few times here:
Get a Great Dr.
Get a correct diagnosis
Make sure they have a battle plan...IF....it's cancer
Make sure you have the will to live and demand that you live.
Make your family, your combat team. They want to be involved.
Then get your Dr. Family, Your mind, and us on that team and "Kick the CRAP out of this cancer thing.

Oh! and by the way...... Remember these things so you can tell them to another scared poster on this site............. YEARS from now.


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Light a man ON fire and he's warm forever.

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Thanks for the very encouraging words everyone. My mood has gotten extremely better but I still struggle with the what if thoughts daily. Giving my worries and fears and situation to God has really made a difference.

I keep hearing people say things like, "you don't even know if you have cancer" or "if it even is cancer." My question to those who know more than I do, what else could it be? Do benign tumors cause blood in your urine? I do have a growth on my kidney, could that have been a result of at least the microscopic blood from years past?

I went to a nutritionist and she mentioned that I could have had bladder stones or "crystals" that irritated my bladder causing the blood and the doctor just happened to find a bladder polyp.

My surgery was moved up two days to this Monday the 29th but the results wont be in till my doctors office opens back up on 1-5-14. Thank you everyone.

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Sorry you are in the "waiting" stage for surgery and your results from pathology afterwards. The waiting is so hard. IF you do have bladder cancer, it is not a death sentence. My husband was diagnosed in 2001 at the age of 44. He has had recurrences, but the bladder cancer has remained non-invasive. He has been cancer free for 6 years! There is HOPE! With bladder cancer, it is very important to see your uro for the scopes as prescribed. Like George said, deep breath. Please let us know how everything goes.


PS Mark is right about the second opinion with a uro from a group that specializes in bladder cancer. See bladdercancersupport.org/bladder-cancer-help/resources/treatment-center-finder on this website to help you locate a place close to you.

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