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Just found out, saw the Tumor and have ???

6 years 1 week ago #47450 by GKLINE
Welcome to the club. Sorry you have to be here. I guess we all are somehow sorry to be here. But we are a great group.

Each time I read a post like yours, I remember the fear I has when I first saw the video of my tumor. I became a 6'2" bowl of jello.
But you have a good Dr. and a Plan that appears to be consistant with protocol. I know this is easy for me to say but......... Dec 2nd is a day that the plan will be put into action. Until the pathology is returned, you don't know and you cant change it.
But Then......... the battle begins. The Dr. and you and your support group will see this through.
And that support team? You can start mustering that now. There will be family and friends and even some extended friends that will stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Some of your closest friends will step away, as they can't handle it. And that is OK. They are still your friends.

So you see, this is a process and you are not alone.

Good luck and keep in touch


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6 years 1 week ago #47447 by Jul
Thank you for the much needed encouragement, Anita and Sara Ann; I really appreciate it !

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6 years 1 week ago #47443 by sara.anne
Welcome to the club you didn't want to join!! And sorry to see you here.

First, some advice. STOP and take a deep breath. I remember when I was first diagnosed and I came home and thought "now I know what I am going to die from."
Well, I didn't and I won't!!

You won't know exactly what you are facing until the pathology report comes back after the TURB. Many bladder cancers are "low grade" which means that they do not have a high probability of spreading rapidly. As far as the diagnosis in the ER goes, even some doctors don't realize that WOMEN can get bladder cancer so it is often a long time from the appearance of symptoms to a diagnosis.

As for bladder removal, yes, it IS a cure. But it is usually not considered if the tumor is low grade and shows no signs of spreading. There are other ways to treat it...frequent cystoscopy, and careful watching. The bad thing about low grade bladder cancer is that it tends to come back. If it is high grade, but shows no signs of spreading, there are still ways of treating it without removing the bladder. IF it comes to bladder removal, even that is not the end of the world. Many people ....many members of this Forum...are living full and active lives without their bladder.

As I said at first, please don't panic. I know that is hard!!! You won't know for sure what you are facing...even if it IS cancer for sure...until after the TURB and the pathology results.

Please feel free to ask any questions that come to mind....

Sara Anne

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6 years 1 week ago #47442 by DougG
Welcome to the forum, Jul,
Sorry you are here, but glad you found the American Bladder Cancer Society.

Waiting is such a difficult thing. I know you will be glad when Dec 2 rolls around and your surgery is done.

I am a caregiver. My husband, Doug, was 44 when he was diagnosed in 2001. He is still alive and kicking and still has his bladder. His has not progressed beyond non-invasive.

Hopefully others will have some answers to your questions. Hang in there, take some deep breaths. You are not alone.

Best wishes,

Forum Moderator

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6 years 1 week ago #47441 by Jul

Honestly, I am so full of fear right not :(
Had cystoscopy and saw the 6cm tumor in my bladder which the Urologist said was a Mulberry one ( guess from the look of it)
I am scheduled for a TURB on December 2.

This was no surprise really. 7 months ago, I had a 24 hour episode of heavy bleeding in my urine and when I went to the ER the next morning, they deemed it , dehydration, and released me with no testing.....I felt it was cancer even then given my background of such heavy smoking etc., (ex-smoker for 6 years now, 56 yo).

I always thought about lung, breast, gyn cancers etc., but never, ever even thought about Bladder.....I just think the awareness is really low ?? No one seems to talk about it much, especially, in comparison to all the others.... It really appears that Bladder Cancer Awareness is extremely under the radar, I wonder if the Research is less then others as well.

I am currently on a strict diet and holistic regiment for cancer and am trying to stay hopeful in spite of the fear.

Questions: is the size of the tumor an indicator as to how long it's been there..........if it hasn't spread to nearby organs ( per CT ) could it still have spread to my lungs or visa versa ( always had/have small cough).........
....I have been researching Bladder Cancer including scientific journal articles and was stunned to see that what many in the field recommend was bladder removal to assure long term survival, even at stage 1 to bump one's chances of remission, is anyone aware of this ?

Hate to be here, and hate that you all are here, but thank you for being here

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